How to marry an Egyptian woman

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Have you ever thought of what it takes to marry an Egyptian woman? well, look no further, in the next few minutes, the whole process will be simplify.

Egypt is the country of Pharaohs located in North Africa. It has mixed cultures between Pharaonic, Greek, and Arabic which finally revealed amazing traditions (3adat).

Let me take you in on an amazing journey to show you how to marry Pharaoh’s ancestor.

How to marry an Egyptian woman

Egyptian marriage has 2 steps:

1 Engagement (Khotoba):

Firstly, if you want to marry an Egyptian woman you should first propose to her in her family. This is known as (Khotoba).

On Khotoba day, the groom’s family member will come to the bride’s family carrying gifts to propose and make the deals of marriage. Then the groom gives (Shabakah) golden jewelry to the bride to show his love and care. Then they eat food together as a contract to respect each other and be one family. The bride’s family will cook food (Walimah) to celebrate their guests and show generosity. All women make (Zaghrouta)a special sound to celebrate and make all neighbors know that they have a ceremony.


Wedding ceremony in Egypt last for 2 days:

A- The first day (Hanna day).

B- The second day (Farah day).

A-Hanna day:

This is a day were all the bridesmaids and the bride relative celebrate by wearing amazing dresses and making. Because of the conservative nature of Egyptian culture, this day is often considered as a lady day.

All the family and friends come to the bride’s house to celebrate all day, eat together, take photos,  and offer her money as a gift (Nokot) and some others give her golden jewelry.

While in the groom’s house, there will equally be another routine of celebrating, All men of the family, neighbors, and friends come together eating, dancing as (Tahteeb) it is a traditional male dancing way to show strength and cleverness. For instance: Two men catch a wooden decorated long stick and move toward each other in an honorable way and kick each other’s stick trying to put it down to show strength. Off-Course they allow the groom to win.

Then comes a band of artists (mizmar), an old musical instrument that produces amazing sound and trained horses dance on this rhythm of sound in attractive harmony while all are happy and blessed.

This magnificent celebration lasts all day, each family will be celebrating in their way showing generosity to their neighbors and guests and preparing themselves for the royal day.


B-Farah day:

The royal day and the most important day in the life of each family is the wedding day.

Both families go to (Ka3a) a great hall where multi-color light and traditional music and songs are made especially for the wedding. Cola and cake are served as welcome to guests.  The groom wears a black suit while the bride wears a white dress like it’s done all over the world.

In Egypt, there is no special custom for weddings, but all the family and guests wear the most beautiful colorful dresses for women and fancy suits for men. Often all the clothes are newly paid specially for the wedding party.

Then both the groom and the father of the bride sit at the table to declare marriage officially by (maazoon), who is authorized by the government. After that music sounds rock the hall as an announcement of marriage.

Then the groom takes his bride to sit together as a king and his queen and drink juice together as a sign of love and care, both families came one by one to take a photo with the bride and the groom. The bride’s friends come to dance with her and the groom’s friends dance with him. Both families make wishes to the wedding couple to live a happy long life with each other and have many child’s boys and girls.

At the end of the celebration, the groom takes his bride to their home to start their blessed life together.



Marriage in Egypt is a spiritual contract between the couples’ families to unite and be one big family that cares and loves each other and waiting for their grandsons to complete their love message with them. I hope you enjoyed our journey.




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