How to make your first $1000 in the Forex Market

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When I was introduced into the Forex  market  about 4 years ago, I was told I could make up to $1000 in the Forex Market in a day if I had the right strategy and a good equity. I gamble in on the Market immediately, buying when it was low and selling when it was high. The success rate was 30/100, I made $66 on my first day with a $200 capital, but lose $150 on the second day.

When I saw the almighty red, I started combing YouTube for videos, searching for best Forex Strategy and the search lead me to 3 YouTube channel, so I registered for about 3 different mentorship course with some self-acclaimed YouTube Forex Millionaire.

My Journey with each of the YouTube Forex millionaires was adventurous at first, infact my first mentor ensure that I recover back the $150 I lost plus the $200 I paid for the exclusive one-on-one Mentorship course.

My goal after the course change from making  $1000 in the Forex market daily to making at least $30 daily. The $30 daily was easy and feasible at first until I meet my second and third mentor.

My second and third mentor had similar trading psychology, “trading is risky, you can’t be successful if you are not a good risk taker” they introduced to trading with big lot sizes and the real gambling in trading, their strategy was like a death trap; you can make $10 in 2 minutes but lose $50 in one minute.

How to make your first $1000 in the Forex Market

1. Take Trading as your Personal Business

The best forex traders in the World take the job of managing their equity like good fund managers, they won’t enter any trade if they are not sure of it, they would rather close a trading day with a $1 gain, than losing 0.50cent. My first real success in trading came the day I understand this little secret.

If you don’t see yourself as a fund manager, managing your own money and develop a strategy to grow your fund steadily you will continue to gamble in the Forex market

2. Join a Community like COTTA

Last week, I shared the story of Michael Essien and the Community of top trader in Africa (COTTA), if you are Forex trader and you are struggling, please pay a one time  fee of $100 to join COTTA. This single decision can change your trading fortune for life. The testimonies from COTTA is life changing.

Make your first $1000 in the forex market

Michael Essien

make your first $1000 in the forex market




3. Consistency is Key

Trading is risky, Sometimes you will make wrong trading decisions, but what will make you stand out is consistency. Daily consistent profit is better than hitting a jackpot and losing all the money in a blink of an eye.

If you make $100 daily and you are consistent in 10 days or less you will hit $1000

4. Let your passion speak for you

Develop a passion for trading, learn, get a mentor and making your first $1000 will be easy.

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    • Please watch the video on that link and then click on that link to join a training community. The video will explain how to get the EEP strategy.


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