How to bridge the Job gap in Africa

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The major challenge facing young Africans is not lack of opportunities but the inability to access most of the available opportunities.

A popular query that is currently trending among young Africans is “How do I get jobs near me” this query has become a centre of discussion within young Africans who are currently facing the job drought in Africa. From Nigeria to Kenya, South Africa, etc, the discussion is almost the same.

Most times, when I see the phrase “How do I get jobs near me?” I weep for Africa because getting a Job in Africa after school has become a serious issue especially with the institutionalization of situational corruption which has put the phrase “Man know Man” above competency, talent and creativity.

A first-class graduate of Mass communication contacted us late last year to inquire about jobs opening in Motivation Africa, what pushed us to recommend her for employment in a firm in Ghana was her experience in the hands of randy human resource managers, she had the papers, she had the talent, but they were not interested in her papers nor talent but her body.

These Human resource managers that she encountered were corrupt, they did not just used their position to victimise young people, they give room for situational corruption to strive.

As a YALI fellow, I understand the effect of situational corruption; situational corruption is not only hindering young people from accessing opportunities but it is also affecting the growth and development of Africa.

This is how to answer the question “how do I get jobs near me?”

Most young graduates in Africa are mostly looking for how to grow their economic equation so that they can add value to the development of Africa.

If you are genuinely interested in assisting young Africans to be self-reliant, do the following:

Motivational speeches are good, but they become useless when they are abused. So stop telling them how you became rich at 17 show them what they need to do to get economic power and be free from jobless.

  • Show them how to be Patient

Surviving when you are absolutely broke can be very hard, especially if you don’t have anyone to look up to. The best thing you can do is to reach out and teach young people the secret of patient.

  • Expose them to opportunity

Don’t just tell young people about entrepreneur, provide a platform and funds for them so that they can understand it from your own perspective, apply it and make a difference in life.

  • Encourage them to be great

Encouragement comes in many form and shape, it can be in form of advice or money, so reach out, assist and encourage them to succeed.

If you are a young Africa and you want to succeed

  • Be creative
  • Make yourself available
  • Engage with people
  • Grow your network

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