How to Get Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops in 2023

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Do you know you can get free cryptocurrency airdrops by just investing your time? yes, this is very true. Despite the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency, many people are still skeptical about investing in blockchain technology. This article on ‘how to get free cryptocurrency airdrops in 2023 will explore some top websites that will reward you with cryptocurrency just by investing your time.

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops in 2023

What are airdrops?

According to Investopedia, “an airdrop, in cryptocurrency business, is a marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual cryptocurrency” In other words, it is a process whereby cryptocurrencies are earned for free.

Why airdrops?

The question that comes to mind is- why would a team of cryptocurrency developers give out free tokens? The answer is simply to promote their new project. Although such free lunch won’t make you rich. The psychology of giving out free things to people is what is employed in order to make the project thrive.

How Can I Get Airdrops?

There are two major ways by which people get airdrops.

1. Participating in tasks

There are certain tasks that you have to do in exchange for airdrops. Such tasks may include:

  • Following the twitter handle of the project that promises an airdrop,
  • Retweeting their tweets
  • Referring your friends after signup
  • Mining on phone like RENEC, etc.,.
  • There are websites that list certain airdrops and tasks one must undertake to be eligible for such airdrops. It is important to mention that most of the time, it is not everyone who engages in such task that gets the airdrops due to the huge number of people who participate. Therefore, receiving airdrops in this instance could be based on luck.
  • One can earn airdrops by depositing certain already existing coins and tokens. For example, Binance once ran an airdrop whereby when you deposit COTI, you earn a Free Airdrop. A percentage of your deposit will be given to you as a reward via airdrop.
  • It is also important to note that participating in airdrops have a window period. That is, the start time and the end time. This means there is an airdrop calendar.
  • Coinmarket cap also lists airdrops with the tasks to engage in order to be eligible to get them.
  • Remitano plans to launch a coin for its network known as Remitano Network Coin (RENEC). Before this coin is officially launched, it can be mined via the Remitano app on your phone. After the mining process has ended, it is what you have mined that will be air dropped to your RENEC wallet.

2. Doing nothing

Earning airdrops by doing nothing is mostly common on Trustwallet, where you are rewarded for buying certain tokens. Although scammers have devised methods of trying to claim such airdrops for you by making you post your Private Keys. And anyone who has access to your private key has access to all your wallet and can empty them before you can say Jack Robinson.

This way of getting airdrops has also given rise to a popular and trending crypto scam called dusting scam where small amounts of cryptocurrency referred to as dust is sent to thousands of wallets. The aim of such scam is to uncover the identity of the wallet so as to steal from it. It is paramount to do your research when you received unsolicited cryptocurrencies deposited to your crypto wallets.
There is also the pump and dump scam where airdrops are sent to majority so as to artificially pump the price of the coin or token then they dump it when prices go up.

8 Top Websites to Get cryptocurrency Airdrops alerts

Here are the list of some verified websites where you can get free cryptocurrency airdrops alerts in 2022.

1. : This website provides you with the information of latest and hottest airdrops.

2. Apart from providing fundamentals about cryptocurrencies, coinmarketcap also lists upcoming airdrops and how to participate.

3. This website offers alerts on the best airdrops in cryptocurrency.

4. This website lists the newest and most profitable airdrops.

5. This website provides reliable information on quality airdrops.

6. This website provides a hotlist of airdrops and enables you to earn crypto for free.

7. Gives you access to the best new tokens before they are listed on other exchanges

8. List the best airdrops per month.


Final Thoughts

It is expedient to always do your own personal research so as not to waste your time unnecessarily or even lose money. There are some airdrops that claim that you will need to transfer certain amount of already existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to be able to participate. These airdrops are scams as no legitimate crypto project will ask you to donate to its capital. The major essence of airdrops is for promotional purposes. To make more people aware of the project so it can thrive. Now that you know how to earn free cryptocurrencies and airdrops by investing your time only, you can add a new hustle to your list of streams of income as it is a sure and safe way of generating wealth in the long run.

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