10 Powerful Quotes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka – South African Legendary Musician

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Africa is home to many legendary musicians who have made a mark in the world. Most of them were pioneers of different music genres that came to be part of authentic African sound. One of such African legendary musician is Yvonne Chaka Chaka-  an internationally known South African singer, song writer, humanitarian and entrepreneur.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka was born on 18th march 1965 in Dobson Ville in Soweto. She started singing at 19 and her debut album  ‘’I’m in love with a DJ’’  had songs like ‘’I cry for freedom’’, ‘’I’m burning up’’, and the famous ‘’umqombothi’’ which means African beer.

“It is what we make of what we have, not what we are given that separates one person from another. Chaka Chaka, you are a testament to my belief and your generosity has benefited untold number of families’ -” Nelson Mandela.

Legends like Dorothy Masuka and Doly Rathebe describe her music as ‘’ something that everyone should listen to’’



Here are 10 powerful quotes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka

10 Powerful Quotes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka

1. We need to make sure that  we pave the way for our children and those that are coming after us because those who came before us  fought so hard for Africa, I don’t think we are there yet, Africa must change for good.

2. My late mother was my everything, she was not that educated but she was ahead of her time… She didn’t give us everything that we wanted but she gave us everything that we needed, and she always insisted that we must go to school and inspire ourselves with skills so that nobody can take us for granted.

3. When I was little I would strum an empty tin and blow into a broomstick pretending it was a microphone. I sang in church choirs, I loved singing. I am blessed that I have achieved my destiny, and have been able to accomplish what my father could not.

4.  Africa is not the dark continent, Africa is a great continent, Africa is not a dying continent, Africa is a beautiful continent.

5. Growing up in Soweto, I never thought I’d one day wear a red robe, let alone from a wonderful institution such as Rhodes University.

6. When you are an artist you are telling your story and other people stories…As a South African, when I had the platform to sing, I took it as a platform to tell my story, to inspire those who were fighting for equal right and freedom.

7. Africa has so many young people, but has this young people being given the tools to fend for themselves? is there a conducive platform for them to thrive? it is not yet ‘uhuru’ we must make sure that our children can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

8. Everybody is welcome in Johannesburg, it works for everybody. It has the best weather, the best infrastructure, and the best homes and gardens.

9. While I was growing up, every young person in Soweto knew that the system was wrong… the system was incorrect, that situation put us in a position of not sitting down and expecting things to change, we had to fought so had to be able to acquire quality education.

10. We must nurture and empower our young girls. .. we can lift them up through education. They are the future. Without equal access to education for girls, Africa will not become the power house of the world. We need girls in school not as brides. ’’

Life as an entrepreneur

  • As an entrepreneur, Yvonne has a music label and production company.
  • She is also running an events and promotions company.
  • Together with her husband, they own a limousine company.
  • Yvonne is a board member of sand down motors, and many other companies.
  • She is planning on venturing into the hair care business using her very own products which have been tried and tested only awaiting a shelf date. She will launch the venture soon.

Her life as a humanitarian

  • In the year 2006, Yvonne founded her very own charity which she named The Princess of Africa Foundation. The foundation is in partnership with Action Global Health.
  • She participated in a  world tour to feature successes of people engaged in the battle against Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS which was supported by the Global fund.  She is also an ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s campaign which raises awareness of HIV/AIDS.
  • Yvonne has taught literacy in South Africa townships and works to protect children everywhere. She is also a trustee of Tomorrow Trust, which is used to educate orphans and vulnerable children. She is also part of Ashinaga Kenjin-Tatsujin International Advisory Council which supports orphaned students to access quality tertiary education.

Awards won by Yvonne

  • She won the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award in 2012 and became the first African woman to receive the award.
  • She also won the 8th most powerful African and top 100 most influential women in the world Global Good Award in 2017 BET awards.
  • She shared the moment with Ilwad Elman Elman a social activist as individuals who endeavor to positively impact change and increase awareness in different parts of the world.

Final Thoughts:

Yvonne is an epitome of feistiness in a woman, she has contributed immensely to the growth and development of Africa and she is not relenting in her effort to continue to inspire change in Africa.

“I mean, I’m not unhappy, but there’s still so much I want to do –  Yvonne’’



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