How to Earn Free Bitcoin with your Phone in 2023

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If you have a good Phone and Internet connection, you can make a lot of money on your phone without stress. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to learn how you can earn free Bitcoin with your Phone in 2023.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin with your Phone in 2023

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has come to stay, one Bitcoin today is equivalent to 21,000 US dollars that’s a whole lot of money, there is even a projection that Bitcoin price will keep rising (even with the current downtrend), the good thing is that there is room for everyone to grow and earn as the Bitcoin market expands.

Here’s the thing, cryptocurrency revolution has come to stay, you have to take advantage of the many opportunities and create multiple flows of income for your self.

This is how to Earn Free Bitcoin with your Phone in 2023

1. Play mobile game

Do you know you can earn free Bitcoin playing mobile games? This is the good part, you don’t pay anything, your duty is to download the game, register, have fun and get rewarded at the end of the day. Though points accumulation takes time to get to a withdrawable limit most times; the fun involved is worth your time.

Top 5 Mobile Game to earn Free Bitcoin in 2023

i.  Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is a fun and colorful match-three game with hundreds of different levels to play, you get bling points after each level. These bling points can be converted to bitcoin via CoinBase and you can withdraw once you have up to 1000 points.

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ii. Bitcoin Block

Earn Bitcoin by playing this supreme match-two game from Bling financials. The only requirement is that you register and log in before playing. There is no hidden fee, just have fun and earn free bitcoins

iii. Free Bitcoin

This one is more of a spinning machine, you spin hourly to be rewarded with Bitcoin, though there are reviews of people wining up to $200 worth of bitcoin hourly. From our research, the highest we’ve seen is $2 worth of bitcoin hourly.
They also have options of doubling your bitcoin with betting options.

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iv. Bitcoin Solitaire

If you love Solitaire, then you will enjoy Bitcoin Solitaire. It’s game put forward by playday studios in partnership with the Bling financial. You earned bling points during the game which can be converted to bitcoin and transferred to your coinbase wallet.

iv. Cointiply

There are many ways to earn Bitcoin on Cointiply, from viewing Paid to Click ads, watching videos, and taking paid online surveys.

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2. Be a freelancer

If you searching for Job opportunities, platforms like Crypto and Crytogrind present loads of them.

They are both Bitcoin Freelance Platform where you can join, search for opportunity, get hired and receive payment via bitcoin


Trading is not free, but it’s worth noting. Unlike Currency trading where you must invest up to $100 before starting depending on the broker, binary trading presents trading conditions from $5, with many options. if you have interest in Forex, Binary trading is surely a good place to try.

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4.Bitcoin Mining

The first-ever block of Bitcoins called Genesis Block was mined in 2008. In 2010, a Florida-based programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz exchange two pizzas, valued at a total of $25 with 10,000 bitcoin. Today 1 bitcoin is about 10, 000 US Dollars, meaning he paid millions of dollars for just two pizza.

Bitcoin mining is big business, but it’s not for everyone, it expensive and requires a lot of patience. It’s a process aimed at expanding the Bitcoin network and keeping it going. In 2018, the reward for mining a block of Bitcoin successfully was 12.5 Bitcoins (approximately $122,112.62 today).

If you are interested in making money from Bitcoin mining; there are 3 available options: personal mining, cloud mining, and pool mining. Personal mining is very expensive, but you can join Bitcoin cloud mining or Genesis mining to get started.


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