How pig farming business changed my life

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Pig farming is big business in Kenya. As a farmer, I’m consistently looking for how to reduce cost, double my profit and enjoy myself.

I started investing in pig farming in 2017, after having an interaction with Martin Gachuma. Martin’s story was a great inspiration, he resigned as a manager in Standard Chartered bank to start a pig farming business at Muchatha, around Kiambu County.

His advice to me was simple:

  • Keep breeds that are good far-rowers and can mature fast.
  • Start Small
  • Join a network
  • Be ready to get your hands dirty

I have not regretted becoming a pig farmer. I started with just 3 pigs. The problem i had initially was space, I was thinking that the business requires a lot of space, but  just 3 years down the line, i can tell you that Pigs are the most friendly Urban farm animals in terms of space. If you can clean the pen and maintain good hygiene practice in your farm, no body will know that you are into the business except you tell them.

For instance, no one in my neighborhood knew I was into pig farming until sometimes in 2019. In fact most of them were thinking that I was a banker, because I will leave the house well dressed in the morning to the farm and return back very late.

From 2017 till date, apart from the pigs and maybe reading, the only thing that kept me busy is the network i joined in 2018, a congregation of young pig farmers in Kenya. To be truthful, the network is the best thing that has ever happen to young  farmers like me, because we are constantly engaging on how we can help ourselves, grow our business and make more money.

So, if you are looking for an affordable business to invest, try pigs. Pigs grow faster, the feeds are affordable, you can start small and expand with time.

Pig business is slowly making new millionaires in Kenya, why not join me?

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  1. I haven’t read the Sir. Martin’s story but yours has spiked something in me. I’ve always been interested in pig farming. I’m a Nigerian dwelling in its North. The challenge I have is mentorship and support. I’m interested in raising good pork for Nigeria and world wide. Thank you.


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