How I Made Over 50,000k in PiggyVest in just One Week

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I understand saving is not easy, they are always bills to pay. One moment there is a big alert, then bit by bit the money reduce, before we understand what is going on, boom we are back to square one – “The insufficient fund class”.

As a freelancer, sometimes getting cash is easy, but saving is not always easy. So, last year, My brother introduce me to PiggyVest, I was very skeptical at first. I remember, he warned me about the danger of procrastinating; I must admit I didn’t listen to his advice at first but when the reality of getting back to the insufficient fund class dawn on me I started retracing my step.

I created a free account with PiggyVest after procrastinating for about Four Months (You can open yours, if you don’t have one by clicking here. And it has been both fun and fulfilling.

As a rule of thumb, I opened the account for just one reason: to develop a consistent saving habit. I am a believer in savings, right from my childhood, I had a father who was very intentional about saving. To my father, nothing great can be achieved without saving. He would say “Son, without savings, you can’t invest, without investing you can’t make a great difference”

But I was not consistent with my savings.  I think one of the challenges that I was trying to overcome when I set saving goals for myself was inconsistency, I am very sure many people are trapped in this life bracket. It’s not your fault though, but you have a choice; you can break free.

“Without savings, you can’t invest, without investing you can’t make a great difference” 

After opening the account with Piggyvest, I lock away some funds for 6 months, deposited some funds in my flex naira wallet, then setup a daily, weekly and monthly autosave plan.

This is how I Made Over 50,000k in PiggyVest in just One Week

I did just one thing: we had a focus group discussion around saving and investment in a group on Telegram where many people shared their experiences with savings and investment. It was a 2 hours knowledge sharing session. And we exchange links to resource/resources that can assist our saving goals at the end of the session.

Just that one lead was enough to give me over 50k in just one week because I shared it in a group of people that really need to inspire their saving habit.

I don’t know what your saving goals are, but I am certain if you can start small, you will have cause to smile tomorrow. PiggyVest is a good platform to start.

Have a Productive Day.

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