How I Made 10x Returns on Crypto Investment

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Making 10 times returns on your Crypto investment is very possible. If I had known that my Crypto investment was going to increase over 400%, I would have invested more. That time, Crypto Investment seemed like a fluke but as time went on, a pattern was formed. This pattern is corroborated by Alex Becker’s technique, a renowned cryptocurrency gaming enthusiast.

A Technique of Making 10x Returns on Crypto Investment

Although, there might be other techniques to making 10 times your crypto investment, the pattern that has worked for me and many is what this article aims to expose to you. It feels good to make over 200% returns from Cryptocurrency investment but this does not happen overnight except in some exceptional cases.

Those who join cryptocurrency project early are often lucky if they know the golden rule of ‘always take profit.’ This is because there have been situations when one buys into a project early and then the value depreciated below the launched price. For example, a crypto project launched at $0.3 can depreciate in value to $0.06. But what goes down will always come up in crypto provided it is not a rug pull project. Most times, before such projects depreciates below the launch price, they might have gone 2x or even 4x higher. The smart crypto investor must have taken advantage by taking quick profits  before price or value depreciation. The inexperienced or crypto newbie might still be ‘hodling’ thinking he or she could make more and eventually gets liquidated or dumped on.

How I made 10 times returns on my Cryptocurrency Investment

I invested $100 in a crypto project I believed in via Binance during a blood bath market. Then, the price of the coin had drastically declined due to the bear market of the period. While many investors panic and sold their coin, thinking the project has crashed and will not revive again, I bought and hodl (Hold On to Dear Life).

Suddenly, there was a blow off top around crypto markets triggered by a drastic upward move of bitcoin price. Since the project I invested in had a small market cap, it attracted investors which later had effect on the price. The price from when I got into the market went up 10 times causing my crypto principal to also go up 10 times. I was smart enough not to be greedy. I took my profit and before one could say Jack Robinson, the market plummeted again. Most people who did not take profit regretted it. They were greedy. They wanted to make more profit. But for me, turning $100 to $1000 put me in an ecstatic state and as I sold, it was  not so long, the price corrected leaving greedy investors in a quagmire state.

Alex Becker’s 10x Crypto Gaming Technique

If you are conversant with the name Alex Becker, you will know it is a household name when it comes to Crypto gaming. He has huge followership in Cryptoverse . Sometimes, I wonder why he is helping so many people for free unlike a bunch of money monger cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are always wrong or who tries to manipulate dimwitted  crypto investors to buy certain crypto projects.

Alex Becker’s 10x Crypto Gaming technique simply refers to the art of buying during the dip. He advices never to buy at the top but to wait for a reset of the market. According to him, Bitcoin determines the price of every other crypto currencies most of the time. When Bitcoin price goes down, every other crypto projects follow suit and vice versa. He isn’t much of a Technical Analyst  but he has mastered the gaming metaverse aspect of cryptocurrency and predicts that gaming is the future which has just begun. Every one will jump on the bandwagon of P2E (Play to Earn).

His technique simply states that you do your research on good gaming projects with very low micro caps during a bear market. Although the risk is high, the Return on Investment (ROI) is always mind boggling. With Alex Becker’s technique, one could turn $100 USD to $10,000 that is, 100x.

So when you find a viable gaming cryptocurrency project, you buy the dip with let’s say $100 like I did. Then wait for a blow of top like I also did. When this happens, sell immediately and do not be greedy because there will definitely be a reset or a correction. Now that $100 has turned to $1000, repeat same technique. Rinse and repeat. Look for another viable gaming project, buy the dip with $1000 and hodl till a blow off top comes. Sell when you get your 10x goal. Now, you have $10,000.

If you are following, you will notice that investing into 2 different viable gaming projects at the same time with the same principal of $100 will not give you $10,000 at a go. But doing it twice and reinvesting your profit will.

This technique requires patience and buying and selling at the right time which means you must not be greedy. At some point, there will always be a bear market (a blood bath) and a blow off top. Patience is required to make this technique work.

In conclusion, how I made 10 times my Crypto Principal may be subjective , there are other methods to achieve insane gains in cryptocurrencies. One worthy to mention is the art of getting involved in Initial  Coin Offerings (ICO’s). That is buying into certain projects before the launch of the project.



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