Help will come

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Yes, Help will come. Just hang on a little

Often times,
the places we rest our hope
Isn’t where our destinies lie.

So we end up frustrated
Looking in directions
Where there’s no help.

If only we refocus,
Making our priority the Hill
Which has never failed
Knowing that there lies our salvation.

We will be saved,
We will make it,
It may not be within our timetable,
But certainly help will come.

So cry through your depression.
Hold fast through the tears.
Let the wailing not hurt you.
For from the ashes you’ll arise.

Don’t be angry,
You may get derailed.
Keep your focus straight,
You’ll need it in the days ahead.

Your destiny helper cometh,
Maybe not from the direction you dreamt.
But from He who truly loves you
Will your help come.

You will prevail,
You’ll overcome,
You’re unstoppable,
The good news will come.

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