Everything You Need to Know About CPA Marketing

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One of the advantages online selling has over offline markets is the vast market reach and the limitless audience it offers. Still, despite the limitless audience provided, it is important that target marketing is carried out to convert leads into the customers your business direly needs. Converting leads is often regarded as a tedious activity, but with the help of CPA marketing, it is relatively easy.

Cost-per-action marketing commonly referred to as CPA marketing, is a type of affiliate marketing used by entrepreneurs of all categories of business to upscale their business marketing reach and potential for success. This article aims to share information on everything you need to know about CPA marketing including how it works and why it is fast becoming a popular affiliate marketing choice by businesses.

How does CPA marketing work?

CPA marketing is a partnership between an advertiser and an affiliate connected by a CPA network.  An affiliate is one who provides marketing services to the advertiser which is most often achieved by influencing aimed at driving traffic to the advertiser’s website and also achieving a certain conversion,  whilst the advertiser is the business looking to promote their services to an audience.

These activities carried out by the affiliate and advertiser are on the CPA network.

What is a CPA network?

A CPA network is a marketing platform that connects businesses that wish to promote their business service and generate leads, with affiliates(regarded as publishers) looking to earn revenue by promoting businesses and products that want their service promoted to the audience the audience the affiliate has. Hundreds of CPA platforms exist, with each offering unique features aimed at effective marketing. Some of the top CPA platforms are; Peerfly, MaxBounty, CrakRevenue, CPAlead, ClickDealer etc.

Benefits of CPA Marketing to Business/Advertisers

  • The primary reason CPA marketing is preferred by advertisers/businesses is that advertisers do not have to pay for the traffic generated by the affiliate it partners with except it has been converted(sale occurs).
  • It allows limitless marketing as several affiliates can work for an advertiser.
  • It has a very low risk and the ROI(return on investment) is high.
  • IT is a great way to connect your business with customers and generate sales, it is also one of the best methods for increasing business visibility and engagement.

Benefits  to Affiliates

For affiliates, CPA marketing allows affiliates to earn impressive commissions through advertising. Affiliates can partner with several businesses and also get a match to promote business services they enjoy.

Ease of Signup

CPA networks can be accessed by both experienced and beginners.  Most CPA networks have flexible features that allow ease of navigation for first-time affiliates. Also, affiliate marketers can start with minimum or zero upfront investment

It allows affiliates to choose the kind of offers they wish to promote example cost per sale(CPS), or cost per lead(CPL).

CPA offers are based on the three main categories of CPA marketing which are;

Pay per Sale – Here the marketer/affiliate/publisher is paid only when a user purchases through your partner website using the affiliate’s link.

Pay per action – The affiliate earns a commission when a customer or user performs specific actions through their marketing efforts. The specific actions involved with CPA marketing include making a purchase, filling out a form, watching videos, signing up for the service etc.

Recurring Payments – In this category,  affiliates are paid each time they attract new subscribers to their partner websites.

Tips on how to succeed in CPA marketing as a business

A business can leverage the benefits of this marketing model to generate leads for business and make sales by;

Choosing the best affiliate manager

Affiliate managers are responsible for the operations of the CPA program. Their duties include finding affiliate partners that suit what you need, negotiating affiliate agreements with affiliates and even creative input to help affiliate partners craft relevant content to promote your business and products. Hence, the importance of choosing an affiliate manager that would help build a positive affiliate relationship for your business.

Select the right CPA offer your business can afford

Before selecting a CPA offer to integrate into your affiliate program for your affiliate partner you must consider the three categories of CPA marketing and the pros and cons of each.

Sign up on a CPA network whose features agree with your marketing campaign needs.

Most CPA networks have unique features that allow tracking of important metrics and financial statements. Some CPA networks also have options like landing pages, banners and ad copy which allows an easy and seamless marketing campaign. You must check the CPA’s network process for vetting publishers/affiliate marketers, this will help protect your business from getting partnered with fraud publishers.


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