Choosing a career in public health will make you limitless

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A career in Public Health brings daily fulfillment, open up a world of limitless opportunity and gives you access to save lives.

Growing up, the only thing that comes to my mind to study as a science student back then in secondary school was Medicine, you know the common line;

“Goodie, what do you want to be in the future?”

“A doctor, I want to save lives!” I guess you can feel the excitement from that response, It’s a common line of thought for many young minds who have interests in the medical field, but what if I told you there is one field of medical sciences that makes you limitless, a field that opens up a world of limitless opportunity and gives you access to save lives. This field is Public Health.

Why Study Public Health?

Public health gives you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your dream

Personally, I don’t like to be confined to the daily 8 am to 6 pm or as the case may be  job routine. I love freedom and flexibility, this is exactly what you will enjoy in this field. Apart from impacting live and making a difference, you have the freedom to volunteer or partner with different NGO’s who are interested in the health of the society. I have friends who are working as Medical administrative Assistants providing support to communities while living their best lives.

It is fun to teach and show people how to live healthily and enjoy life

Our World is faced with many health challenges, throughout history, many great people have used their time, talent and resources to either research on the cure for diseases, teach people how to stay safe and encourage healthy lifestyles. One of the things I enjoy about my career is the ability to teach people how to live healthily and enjoy life.

It’s not a boring adventure, you are working closely with Nurses, Dietitians, scientists, Epidemiologists,  Researchers, Sociologists, Medical laboratory scientists, Physicians, and the community members involved to promote healthy living and save lives.

You can practice and fit in anywhere

Another important perspective to the limitless nature of Public Health career is the wide range of fields you can practice and fit in to. As a rule of thumb, every organization with the goals of ensuring a healthy environment and a healthy workforce needs an expert in the field. This expert will be in charge of their public health policies and concerns desk.

You can save one million people at a time

Whereas a physician can help diagnose and treat an individual per time, a public health practitioner can save the life of a community and millions more with preventive and control measures put in place at a time. As an expert, you are not just Preventing diseases, you are also promoting good health and prolonging the lives of members of those you are directly in charge of.

You will be fulfilled

Practicing Public Health brings daily fulfillment. The type of fulfillment you derive from making people lead a more productive and healthy lives because they are immunized, their communities have clean water, good personal hygiene, and sanitation, their infants and children are nourished and less at risk to environmental hazards, pregnant women are safe, couples practice family planning, workers are healthy and the workplace is safe for their health, diseases are prevented and controlled before they are epidemic or pandemic, the young and old can lead a more productive life because you are ensuring that safeguarding their health is your top priority.

Final Thoughts

Do you desire to live for others and find fulfillment in doing so?
Do you desire to continuously lit up the faces of people with healthy smiles and be filled with a double dose of their happiness?
Do you desire to be limitless?
Then you should choose a career in Public health and thank me later.


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6 thoughts on “Choosing a career in public health will make you limitless”

  1. This is one of the most concise but tactfully prepared articles on my discipline I’ve read lately.
    Kudos Goody!
    I’m so happy my first degree is in Public Health after I’d suffered the ‘general push/wind toss’ of science students back then in secondary school – the “I want to be a medical doctor belief” – Lol.
    Now I make bold to say, after Public Health, other things/certificates can follow.
    I encourage all already in for the training, no matter the challenges in your institution,environment, or even nation, keep going!
    You’re in for a valuable, all- important, all-seeking, so desiring, fulfilled you!

  2. Public Health is a great field of study.. Preventive medicine is becoming the norm in modern medicine and what better way to impact the lives of a large number of people than a career in Public Health.. This is a very insightful piece Goodness.. Good job

  3. Nice one Odey . . . I will choose Public Health again and again and again. Promoting health through healthy living and control of dietary intake is Paramount. . .

  4. Even though I’m not in the field of public health reading this your made me want to switch to it 😂…

    Kudos Goody


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