Chipper Cash: How to Open an Account, Send money, Free Dollar Card and More

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Chipper Cash is one of Africa’s fast-growing fintech company . Chipper cash which operates in six countries including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, the United Kingdom and recently the U.S,  has over 4 million users. It is is an app that allows users to make instant money transfers within countries and across borders at no fee.

Why use Chipper Cash?

The app provides a unique and transparent platform that allows customers to conveniently make transactions. The app keeps each user’s data encrypted to protect against unauthorized activities.

It is completely free, making it possible for users to make instant local and cross-border money transfers at no fee, gives discounts on airtime, data bundle, and virtual card purchases offers zero charges on payment and even offers stock trading options with reasonable conversion and exchange rates.  It was developed to give users a pleasurable experience.

How to open an account on Chipper Cash

Opening a chipper cash is easier for both Android and IOS users. With the use of a smartphone and an internet connection, you can download the app from your phone’s play store.

After downloading, and opening the app, you will be directed to the App’s homepage where you will have to create an account.

Click the “create account” icon and input your phone number or E-mail address.

Afterwards, you will have to input the verification code that will immediately be sent to you using the option you registered with.

After your account has been verified you will be logged in.

The app has a flexible login option that allows users to sign into their accounts with multiple phone numbers or email addresses in instances where they lose their phones or their phone numbers, they can still access their Chipper cash account with the secondary numbers they had listed.

You can access this unique feature with a tap on the “Personal” icon on your account’s profile page.

After tapping on the “Personal” icon you will have to select the ” Add phone or Email” to add multiple addresses.

How to Fund, Send, Recieve and Withdraw money on the app

As a newly registered account on Chipper cash, you can receive an unlimited amount of money but to withdraw and send certain sums you will be restricted until your account has been verified.

Chipper Cash account verification is done with an upload of a valid identity relevant to your country, your bank account’s BVN, and a selfie photo which is also required to activate your Chipper account number.

Here is the transfer limit for new Chipper cash users without verification

  • Transfer: 4 million- 20 million
  • Withdrawal: 20,000 daily.

As a verified Chipper cash user, you can send; 5- 35 million, withdraw; 1 million daily and receive an unlimited amount of money.

For Nigerian users, the funding of your wallet can be done via card payment and bank transfer. The app allows its users to send money to other registered Chipper cash users who are listed on their phone book and even contacts that aren’t registered on the app.  The app does this with the use of a prompt message that invites your non-registered Chipper cash contact to create an account and then receive the money you sent.

To send money on the app, click on the “Send” button present on the “activity page”  and choose who you want to send funds to.

How to use the app for Bill Payments

With Chipper Cash app users can pay electricity, internet and Television bills for free and also buy airtime at a 2% discount.

You can also tap the “Contacts” button on the bill payment page to purchase airtime for your family and loved ones on your contact list.

How to withdraw money on Chipper Cash

To withdraw your funds from the app, tap on the “Withdraw funds” button and move the funds you need from your chipper wallet to your bank account.

You can click on your profile to set up your bank account for withdrawals.

Withdrawing funds on the Chipper cash platform is free.

Free Dollar Card(Virtual card) feature.

Chipper Cash virtual cards are developed to give 5% cash back on purchases done for a limited time. Its free dollar card can be used to make purchases and payments anywhere Visa card is accepted in the world.

Chipper cash-free dollar card allows a maximum funding limit of 80,000 daily, maximum International spending limit of 43,000 naira/month, maximum domestic spend limit of 1 million – 4 million/ month and a no limit on withdrawals with a 3-year validity period.

Final thoughts

The app is here to stay, its several unique features have made it a popular fintech go-to app for users who are looking out to make easy and stress-free cash transactions.

Besides its completely free feature, the app has also made it possible for investment to be made with the use of its “Chipper Invest” option, and even to request money from your contacts through its ” Request” feature. Chipper Cash has every user needs figured out and answers to address every need, this to me is what a fintech app should look like.














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