9 Ways to Make Money Using Your Smartphone

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Did you know that besides using that smartphone of yours to communicate with your loved ones via phone calls or social media and watching movies, you can make money with it?  Getting a source of income is quite easy only if you know how and where to look. You can make money using your smartphone and also get credited within minutes, let me tell you how.

This article aims to share a few tips on how you can make money using your smartphone

9 Ways to Make Money Using Your Smartphone

1.  Trading

You can trade both stocks and forex on your smartphone and make good money. But trading stock and forex is very risky and it’s need a little bit of knowledge. There are many free and paid courses that can help you to become a Pro in trading, one of such paid course is “Smartphone trading Concept

To make money from trading, you need to open a free demo trading account, develop a strategy, practice, understand risk management before you can start trading.

2. Sell of Data

Selling Data on your phone is another great way to make money using your smartphone. As long as there is internet people desire to have data will not end. People are in constant search for how to get cheap data, you can be the bridge by buying and reselling cheap data then making money from it.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

One of the ways you can make money using your smartphone is by becoming a virtual assistant. The job role does not require any qualifications to apply plus you can work remotely and also engage in other activities too.

All you need to do is identify with businesses and brands(people) who need people to assist in attending to their customers on phone, answer messages, and even schedule appointments for them. Surprised? Yes, there are companies and public figures who are too busy to engage in these activities, you should leverage on this and make money using that smartphone of yours.

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4. Engage in Online surveys

Did you know that most companies thrive on feedback and are willing to pay to receive your feedback on their products or performance? This is an incredible way to make money using your smartphone while also learning too.

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5. Make Money from Article Writing and Editing

Most people think that writing can only be done on a desktop, but, I tell you writing using your smartphone is easier and you can make money from it.

There are many bloggers and writing platforms who need article writers and editors to create and restructure content for their blogs and will pay for this service as well. All you have to do is search in the right places, and you can make money using your smartphone. Upwork and Freelancer are examples of writing platforms you can sign up to begin.

6. Begin Online Consulting

Online consulting is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways you can make money using your smartphone. It will give you personal fulfilment too. Lots of people are looking for a consultant (person) to talk to and share events as they happen. You can provide this service and charge them as well.

7. Social Media Management

Since the founding of Facebook in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard students, Social media has developed to become a “Must be” marketing option for businesses and public figures who seek to exploit social media’s large audience to their advantage.

You can make money using your smartphone by simply managing the social media profiles of these businesses and prominent people. They are willing to pay for this service.

8. Make money by playing games online

Imagine making money by engaging in an activity you love: playing games. Some gaming companies and developers pay players to indulge in the new games they have developed and give them feedback. You can take on this sport and also make money using your smartphone.

9. Earn by Watching Videos online

You can make money by watching videos online with your smartphone. They are many brands who are willing to pay you some token to review their products, make recommendations and make money in the process.

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Final Thoughts on Ways to Make Money Using Your Smartphone

Never underestimate the power of your smartphone. Unlike earlier mobile devices, today smartphones are developed to provide your every digital needs while also masking lots of employment opportunities, which you should use to your advantage.


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