7 things You don’t tell Africans

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Africa has surely come a long way. For a continent bedeviled with basic problems of under-development, it’s people have over the years, shown an unprecedented measure of resolve to consciously ignore the negative trends and narratives to become what they are today- a people full of life, innovation and ideas that would in time affect the landscape positively.

In the fields of science, technology, arts and several others, you will always find Africans striving to contribute their quota to societal advancement. What makes Africa tick is not the environment itself, but the people. And when Africa ultimately arrives at the peak of its progress, it would be due to the toil and labour of Africans. It’ll be due to the fervor of men and women dedicating their lives towards the emancipation of Africa. So here are 7 things you probably need not tell an African.

7 Things You Tell an Africans

1: Quit Hoping:

This is probably never going to happen. Regardless of the dark abyss we find ourselves in, there will never be a time when Africans will throw in the towel and give up their dreams for a greater Africa. One of the distinguishing factors of the African society is the hope and drive that its people have for life. This somehow evenly spreads around its countries and is primarily the reason why the continent is the least besought with problems of depression. The average African has some vibe to them that you’d struggle so hard to wrestle away.

2: You don’t have an identity:

There’s this joke that in a room full of a thousand people, you’ll still spot the African in that room. This is actually loosely based on some measure of reality. Africans have that distinct personality that singles them out of the crowd, you could argue that no continent has a better idea of and understanding of their identity enough to consistently project it to the rest of the world, like Africans.

3: Forget about agriculture:

This too is probably never going to happen. Agriculture has become some sort of trademark that even modernity and technological advancement has failed to shake off Africa. Instead, the trick is we have now channeled our technology towards the advancement of our agriculture. The continent is blessed with so much natural potential that translates not just into the realization of it’s agro potential but also achieving some level of economic tranquility. Agriculture does so much for the continent and it is a relationship that isn’t going to go sour any time soon.


4:Embrace Technology:

You probably do not need to do this, because Africans are already picking up the gauntlet. There is a renewed drive for technology and innovation that is steadily spreading across Africa. Alot of Africans have earmarked the field of technology as the future of global trends and hence, the need to be fully armed with the necessary tools for global relevance in the years to come.

5: Forget about your culture:

The average African embraces culture as a very fundamental part of their living. They hold traditions sacred, and the highest heights of modern education probably would not take this from them. Africa believes that certain behavioral patterns and trends passed down from previous generations have to be sustained, and you probably can’t blame them for it.

6: Your food isn’t great:

The African primarily believe that you have not really lived until you taste African food, so don’t even bother telling them otherwise. A rich blend of spices relatively passed down with pure finesse across many generations? You really want to try that African food.

7: You’re not going to win the World Cup:

Don’t. Don’t even attempt to tell the African soccer fan this. The average African believes so much in the ability of his people enough to think that Africa’s time will come. It is very easy to actually dream this. What do you need? A happy fan, belief, more belief and a little more belief.

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