10 Underrated Tourist Attractions Sites in Nigeria

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If you are someone who finds it interesting to explore and learn about people’s culture, history, environment, etc., then this piece is for you. In this article, you will discover ten tourist attractions sites in Nigeria. I bet these are not the regular tourist sites you come across daily.

10 Underrated Tourist Attractions Sites in Nigeria

This list contains the names of the tourist attraction sites and the states in which they are located.

1.     Wikki Warm Spring, Bauchi

We often read about experiences people share whenever they visit the Yankari National Park in Bauchi, but only a few talk of the beautiful warm spring on this site. The Wikki Warm Spring is one of the four springs in the Yankari National Park and also one of the best tourist attractions sites in Nigeria.

With an average temperature of 31 degrees centigrade and a depth of 1.9 meters, the Wikki Warm Spring is an accumulation of crystal-clear underground water flowing from a sandstone cliff. It is recorded that the water from this spring is so clean that it is bottled and sold without any further purification.

This spring is a good spot for swimming and relaxation after a long ride to the Yankari National Park. A helpful tip to note before visiting this site is to have guards around. The spring also houses baboons that usually lurk around to make away with people’s items while they swim or relax by the waterside.

2.     Aso Rock, Abuja

When you mention “Aso Rock,” many Nigerians and tourists assume it only refers to the official name of the residence and office of Nigeria’s president (the Aso Villa). Interestingly, Aso Rock is a natural rock and one of the tourist attractions sites in Nigeria.

The Aso Rock, also known as ‘the Victorious Rock,’ is a single large rock with a height of 936 meters above sea level. Another fascinating fact about this rock is that it is in the center of the Aso Villa, the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Its nearness to these prominent buildings makes it safer to explore than the other tourist attractions sites in Nigeria.

3.     The Kajuru Castle Kaduna

Think of a Bavarian Castle located in Nigeria. That is what the Kajuru Castle in Kaduna looks like. The Kajuru Castle was built by Gerhard Huebner, a German Immigrant, between 1978 and 1983.

There are many stories surrounding the history of this castle. Still, the only proven one is that it was built as a private residence uphill in Kajuru, a village in Southern Kaduna, around the late 20th century. Visitors say the castle is still supervised by a ‘German Woman.’ Visitors are to book ahead and wait for the German Woman’s approval before exploring the castle.

Facilities in the Kajuru castle include rooms, dungeons, towers, a master’s residence, a knight hall, modern kitchens, a gym, a swimming pool, etc. This tourist attraction site is best for vacations, honeymoons, and fun getaway activities.

4.     Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Between Adamawa & Taraba

If you have heard of/visited Chappal Waddi (the Mountain of Death), the highest mountain in Nigeria, then the Gashaka-Gumti National Park is a place you will be familiar with. And if you are unfamiliar with it, here is your chance to learn about it.

Covering over 6,731 square kilometers, the Gashaka-Gumti National Park is the largest in Nigeria. The park is between two villages, Gashaka (in Taraba state) and Gumti (in Adamawa state). Hence the name “Gashaka-Gumti.”

Apart from being home to the highest mountain in Nigeria, the park also houses other fascinating wildlife, such as chimpanzees, elephants, hippos, buffalos, and hundreds of bird species. This is a fun place for animal lovers and adventurers looking to explore wildlife in Nigeria.

5.     Silicon Hill Enugu

Before you start picturing high technological innovations and tech unicorns, this is different from what Silicon Hill in Enugu looks like. Situated close to the Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT), Silicon Hill is about 300 meters above sea level.

Silicon Hill is one of the unique tourist attractions sites in Nigeria, and it got its name due to the large deposit of silicon, a mineral commonly found in the area. It is a good destination for mountain climbers. If you ever find yourself in Enugu, consider exploring this site.

6.     Imole Boja Rock Shelter, Kwara

This tourist site offers an experience similar to the one humans had during the Paleolithic era, where men lived in rock shelters. The Imole Boja is a huge rock shelter located in the Ipekun community of Oke-Ero Local Government Area of Kwara state.

According to the community’s inhabitants, the rock was believed to have been created by Imole (meaning god). Hence, “Imole Boja” means “god has made a shelter.” The people of Ipekun then worshiped it for years before the advent of Islam and Christianity in the region.

This is one of the tourist attractions sites in Nigeria. Visitors can explore fun activities like picnics, hiking, etc. Imole Boja Rock Shelter is about an hour and a 30-minute drive from Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

7.     Ibeno Beach Akwa Ibom

One of the most interesting facts about this tourist site is that it is the largest beach in West Africa. Ibeno Beach is located in the Ibeno Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state. It is one of the tourist attractions sites in Nigeria that offers visitors many great experiences.

The Atlantic Ocean borders the beach, and Ibeno Beach is predominantly known as the landing site of the Qua Iboe Christian Missionaries from Scotland.

It is also worthy of note that the Mobil and Exxon QIT Terminals, where crude oil is processed and exported to different places in the world, are situated in Ibeno. This makes the presence of security personnel in the area heavy, making it one of Nigeria’s safest tourist sites to explore.

Fun activities at this site include surfing, water sports, swimming, and exploring seafood cuisines.

8.     Bole Street, Port Harcourt

This tourist attraction site will interest you if you love street food. Bole Street is where different varieties of Bole, a Nigerian street food made up of roasted plantain served with seafood and other enticing options, are sold.

On this street, visitors get to try out different meals made with Bole. The Bole delicacy is so popular among the inhabitants of Port Harcourt that it inspired them to host an annual food festival called the ‘Bole Food Festival.” This festival is the biggest food festival in Africa.

9.     The Ikenga Virgin Forest, Anambra

Would you like to have a real-life experience of what an ‘African Amazon’ looks like? Then you should visit this place. The Ikenga Virgin Forest is one of the tourist attractions sites in Nigeria with natural and untapped resources.

The name “Virgin” was attached to it because none of the trees or plants in the forest has been cultivated or cut down to date. The forest is in Ikenga, Anambra state. To preserve the forest and its wildlife, a communal shrine is situated at the heart of the forest. The priest of the shrine doubles as a forest guard who ensures that visitors harm none of the plants or animals inhabiting the site.

Animals that have gone extinct in other parts of the world can still be found in the Ikenga Virgin Forest due to the high level of care and protection given to wildlife. Visitors from all over Nigeria and the world can explore the rainforest if they do not harm any plant or animal.

10.  The Mungo Park House, Delta

Mungo Park is popularly known as the first European Explorer to discover River Niger. He was also famous for writing a book titled ‘Travels in the Interior of Africa.” Mungo died in 1806 during one of his explorations in Africa.

His explorations allowed other European explorers and traders to discover Africa. In honor of his achievements and works in Africa, the house he lived in during his various expeditions was made a national monument by the government. This monument is located in Asaba, Delta State.

The Mungo Park House is one of the tourist attractions sites in Nigeria where visitors learn about the life of Mungo Park, the history of colonialism in Nigeria, and the activities of the Royal Niger Company during the colonial era in West Africa.

Final Thoughts on Underrated Tourist Attractions Sites in Nigeria

Nigeria is a diverse country with people of different backgrounds, languages, religions, tribes, etc., and the best way to experience the rich culture of its inhabitants is by learning about them. This is why this piece was put together to give you a feel of tourist attractions sites in Nigeria. Hopefully, you get to visit and share your experiences with them someday.

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