10 Free Money Making Apps You need to Download now

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If you are looking for free money making apps that you can use from the comfort of your home, then this article was written for you.

We have carefully selected 10 free money making apps which will help you earn some passive income. Please note, these apps will not make you an instant millionaire, but they will give you some few bucks that will accumulate over a period of time.

What is Free Money Making Apps?

Free Money Making Apps are apps that help you make money without any ‘monetary’ investment. Some of them will reward you with points for playing games on the app which you can later exchange for money. Some will give you a few bucks for watching video ads and some will pay you for your opinion.

So let’s begin:

10 Free Money Making Apps

1. Bitcoin Blast

If you love playing games, then Bitcoin Blast is surely a game you should play. Apart from being one of the top Phone apps that pay you some points to play games, Bitcoin Blast provides a good game interface that is fun to play. I actually enjoyed playing it between work, especially when I’m trying to relax.

To withdraw from Bitcoin Blast, you need a Coin Base Wallet, if you don’t have one, Click here to create one now.

2. Crypto Browser

Crypto Browser is a browser that mines bitcoins on your browser while you surf the net. You can use it on your phone, you can use it on your system, the more you use the browser, the more your mining speed increases. You can also speed up your mining speed by inviting your friends and there is also an option to pay for a cloud boost to increase your mining speed.

If you have not started stocking cryptocurrency, the Crypto browser is a good starting point. For me, I will encourage you to download it, use it often, and earn some bitcoin.

3.  Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin app is an app that lets you earn up to $200 hourly by using their freeroll, you may not get up to $200 in your first roll if you don’t play their Multiply BTC, but you are guarantee to get between 14- 22 satoshi hourly. The money may look small but when it accumulates over time it can be useful.

4. Bitcoin Block

This is another game that pays you to play. It’s a match color kind of game; where you have to match certain colors together to get points. The good thing is whether you win or lose you will still have some point, which when accumulates will translate into some few bucks that can be very useful in times of need.

5. Free Litecoin

Free Litecoin is an app that lets you earn some free Litecoin hourly through spinning in their app. You can earn up to 100,000 Latoshi per spin, I have actually earned up to 20,000 Latoshi in one spin.

(Latoshi are smaller units of Litecoin). They Pay directly into your coin base account every Tuesday provided you have up to 100,000 Latoshi in your balance.

6. Free Bitcoin Cash

Free Bitcoin cash works just like Free Litecoin. You spin hourly and can win up to 10,000 BCH satoshi per spin which is the minimum withdrawal amount.

One thing Free Litecoin and Free Bitcoin Cash have in common is that if you are not satisfied with the number of Latoshi or BCH Satoshi you get per spin, you can watch an advert to get more free spin.

They are the reason while I  love Tuesday because, for me, it’s a payout day and my coin base app is always handy to give me the breakdown.

Like I mentioned earlier, the money you get will not be much, but it’s fun to enjoy yourself doing absolutely nothing and in the process, you are stashing some few bucks for yourself which can later be useful in life.

7. Feature Points

Unlike other apps, we’ve listed featured point takes time before you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. They have a good graphic interface, you can earn points by trying free apps, completing surveys, shopping online, and more.

8. Pi

Pi is a new digital currency that has no real value at the moment, but the app is worth having since you are mining for free. You are not doing much with Pi, apart from opening it once a day to authorize the mining process. I’ve been using it for the past One Months, you can use my username (udoekene) as your invitation code to join my network on Pi

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a survey platform that pays you for your opinion, their minimum payout is $25. Their payout period is within 72 hours so your money is safe and readily available when you need it


10. Ysense

Ysense is one of my favorite survey platforms. Their Minimum payout is $5 dollars which you can achieve within a short period of time if they have a good number of surveys. They also have a flexible payout platform, unlike many others.


So what’s your favorite free money making app?


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12 thoughts on “10 Free Money Making Apps You need to Download now”

    • Wow! I wasn’t that lucky on my first spin. I think it was not up to $1, I can’t recall, but it’s a good app, I recommend it too

    • Well, Gramfree is still new, so far I’ve been reading good reviews about them. Maybe just a few bad ones. We know that their freeroll is fixed between 0.1 – 1.0 g for all users except their bot, which they displayed on the roll update with 10 gram, 100gram or even more, someone even forwarded a screenshot to me where the number displayed on their update was 203, but the amount of gram won was 1000 gram. No one knows what they want to gain with those kinds of stuff.

      Personally, since you have nothing to lose, I will suggest you follow the adventure to the end.

  1. Hello admin…tnx for the information. In order for one to have access to the funds in these earning platforms,one must have account in PayPal,Skrill and the likes.
    Pls, is PayPal operational in Nigeria?

  2. Please am new to all these, l only know about and mine Pi but not convertible yet.
    Tell me about apps l can use and make convertible coin to cash withdrawable within weeks or months. Thanks.


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