10 APPS that Pay You to Workout

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Do you know that there are apps that pay you to workout? The online space keeps growing with many pieces of information about trends on a daily basis. The next big trend in the fitness industry are apps designed to pay you to workout.  Are you looking for an extra stream of income? Or maybe you are trying to stay in shape, there are apps that can pay you to workout. These apps can serve as a tool for commitment and simultaneously as a revenue to generate extra income.

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The fitness world has gone through a series of revolutionary process. From working with in-person fitness trainers to starting an online fitness program. Now, it is in the dispensation of apps that pay you to workout. Even in cases whereby it was not intended for workout, peradventure, you take long walks to work, these apps have still made it possible for you to earn while taking those steps. Without further ado, here is a list of 10 Apps that pay you to work out.

10 APPS that Pay You to Workout

  1. Sweatcoin

‘It Pays to Walk’ is the slogan you will see when looking for this app on the app store. It is free to download and it rewards you with a new generation currency you can spend on products such as gift cards. It has a 4.2 rating on app store and quite positive reviews. Should you have any challenge while using this app, you can leave a review too and the developers will respond. Talking of the size, it is 39 MB, perfect to occupy an extra space on your phone.  For more information, visit  www.sweatco.in  

  1. HealthyWage

This app uses a cash-based weight-loss challenge designed to keep you committed to the weight-loss journey. It comes with a calculator that helps you calculate the time duration of your program and the reward you stand to gain for commitment and avoiding procrastination. For further information, visit www.healthywage.com

  1. StepBet App

StepBet App is another app that pays you to workout. It makes you committed in the sense that your money is put on the line. It is noticed that people take things more seriously when money is involved particularly when their money is invested. This is the strategy employed by stepbet app where 3 major steps are activated before you start earning money. The first step involves getting your goals, the second involves you moving and finally, the win money stage. For more information, visit https://waybetter.com/stepbet

  1. Runtopia

If you are looking for an app that pays you to workout, Runtopia is indeed one to checkout. It has GPS technology that tracks your every step while running. It motivates and rewards you based on your daily steps and run. For more information, you can visit https://runtopia.en.aptoide.com/app

  1. Optimity

Optimity boasts of being the most rewarding micro-learning app that helps millions of its members live healthier, wealthier and longer. They are committed to improving lives via a gamified, personalized and rewarding system. The optimity app is available on Play store and app store.

  1. Lympo App

Lympo  is home to walk, run and earn for those who use the platform. It pays you for walking and running. The Lympo app is basically an application that rewards you for developing healthy habits and simultaneously motivates you to keep up the good lifestyle. This is how the reward system works- It rewards the faithful users with “LYM coins, which hold real monetary value, for completing daily tasks and use them to get discount codes right in the app! It’s like you walk and save money! Earn and use your coins to get a discount for cool wireless earbuds, food supplements, and even more right in the app”

  1. Charity Miles App

This app that pays you to workout does it in another style. If you fall among those who like humanitarian services, you should consider the Charity Miles App. It is a free app that enables you to earn money for charity whenever you walk, run or bike. You can use this app anytime and anywhere. It was founded in 2012 and since then, it has helped raise $3 million for charity. To get this app, click here.

  1. Evidation App

Evidation App is one of that apps that pay you to workout. According to the developers of the app, their mission is to enable people to contribute to research and uncover insights that could improve their health and the health of others. Points earned from the reward system of the evidation app can be converted to cash or to charity.

  1. Earth Miles App

The earth miles app is number 9 on the list of apps that pay you to workout. This app was featured on forbes and as SurveyDolla posits, “Earth Miles is a fitness app that rewards you for walking and physical activity. It is run by a UK digital startup that wants to reward consumers for each mile they walk. The points you earn on the app can be redeemed for discounts at major retailers.”

For more information about the Earth Miles app, click here

10.Fit Potato App

The last on our list of apps that pay you to workout is the Fit Potato App. This app helps you track your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals. It rewards you based on your commitment to achieving your fitness goals. For more information, you can click here.

APPS that Pay You to Workout: Final Thoughts

It will be fair to mention that even though the above listed apps pay you to workout, what they pay cannot make you rich but definitely can serve as a passive income and as a tool that fuels dedication to your fitness goals.

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