Extra: Yoweri Museveni, the man who is preaching weight loss in Uganda

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I am back at the drawing table, on my desk there is a news article titled “Yoweri Museveni, you are tired, time to go home”

Before reading the article, I was very certain that the writer was unaware of the fact that President Yoweri Museveni was on the verge of becoming the life president of Uganda.

Although the writer made some serious points, she failed to add that Yoweri Museveni was once a freedom fighter and liberator who has been a President since 1986.

Just like thousand of Ugandans, the writer seems to agree with the popular impression that Museveni has betrayed Ugandans and urged him to begin a retirement plan immediately.

What caught my attention was her stand on the “weight loss” exercise of the President, she termed the whole process as the joke of the century, according to her, “If a man is tired he should rest, the whole talk on weight loss is a distraction”

Personally from my assessment, I believe that President Museveni looks tired, in fact, he has ran out of idea. The only thing he can do now to help himself and Ugandans is retirement. This whole weight loss issue is making me sick.

A very interesting twist to this weight loss story was the Interview he had with BBC Newsday presenter Alan Kasujja. How good of him to tell us that eating a little breakfast, skipping lunch and eating Irish Potatoes at 7pm will help people lose weight.

Listen to him:

“I eat some cassava, because I don’t eat your European food and your Asian foods. I eat our food; which is cassava, some bananas, millets and our vegetables,

“So I normally eat a little bit of that in the morning. Then no lunch, I just drink water and coffee without sugar because it’s very bad – sugar is not good,

“Then at around seven [in the evening] I eat two Irish potatoes because they have got low starch, and a lot of vegetables to deceive the stomach that I am putting there something when in fact it’s just the roughage,” he added.

While I don’t dispute the fact that his recommendation may work, I want him to know that Ugandans have been loosing weight since he started his assault on the constitution and democracy¬† since 2003 and they are tired of loosing weight.

President Museveni, if you read this, know that we don’t hate you, your support to the peacekeeping efforts on South Sudan, Burudi and Somali is highly celebrated, but you are tire, please retire and give someone else the chance.

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