You no catch Corona, So what?

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You no catch Corona, so what,
You are not a suspect, so what,
You don’t have any contact with Corona Patient, so what.

While we are practicing routine personal hygiene/Hand washing, physical distancing and all the preventive measures there is, there is a need to also boost our immune system.

From my research  on Corona, having a high immune system can reduce the risk of rapid spread of the virus in your system, thus the stronger your immune system, the greater your chance of survival if you are infected.

One of the reasons there is increasing number of COVID’19 death in Italy, is because the nation is the second oldest population worldwide, with low immune system that comes with aging amongst other factors.

Back to our gist, here are some foods that can boost your immune system;

Citrus Fruit:  a great source of Vitamin C eg grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, clementines; Broccoli, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, Yogurt, Almonds, Red bell peppers.

Zinc food source like oysters, baked beans, cashews, raisin bran, chickpeas, etc

While most of us will be home, left with little or no job/activity to engage in, here is the best time to invest in personal development.

Yes you read that rights. Don’t wallow in too much “flexing” with just “Thank God I no catch Corona o” ?as your only trophy after this crisis (because, this too shall pass), develop yourself.

  • Take that course online, most of them are free, if they are paid for, pay, your personal development is worth it
  • .Learn that soft skill, it’s a productive way to engage your your.
  • Read that book
  • Bond with your family
  • Arrange that room/house
  • Take that rest and come back healthier and better
  •  Start that online business and make cool cash in your house

Less I forget, please be sure you verify any news before you share, don’t spread fear with fake news, that’s infodemic.
Remember we are Africans, strong and resilient, please stay safe.

Eat healthy
Boost your immune system
Stay safe


With love from favorite Writer/Public health practitioner.






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