Whispers of hope

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Whispers of hope,
Rays of the sun
Glow of the moon
Swirl of the wind
Quietly whispering.

Wailings of Maame Kofi is heard
Her son, daughter and mum
Gone like though they never were born
All dead in that full swift blow.

Shattered skull and bones
Blood flowing from his sockets
The bomb didn’t fear his arms
Kofi’s arm that fought for Maame.

The hollow emptiness of your compound
You call for help
You voice answers
Signs of absence, vacuum, and loss

But still!
Here the whispers of hope…

Harsh as the storms come
Fierce as the wind blows
Scorching as the sun shines
Turbulent as the rain falls

Be still!
Listen to the whispers…

The new sprouts of seedlings, green
The sudden lines of rainbow, bright
Tough as this may be…
Listen to the whispers of hope, Maame

There’s a sun shining beyond the tunnel,
a victory song that needs no introduction,
a tomorrow bright and blessed for our children
and continent united with one purpose

PS: This Poem is Dedicated to those whose smile turns tears, destitute from African wars. I grew up to read the story of those who gave up their lives for the liberation of our continent from Slavery and colonial masters. Though their story seems to be history, we should not forget their struggle, they fought for us and they deserve our remembrance.

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