What you should know About Kenyan Women

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Kenya women are arguably the most outstanding women in the African continent. With numerous qualities, Kenyan women are the loveliest beings on earth. You might be wondering how true are these facts, so I am about to give you a brief insight on a recent study report.

Note that, not all women are the same.  The Kenyan women are grouped into their respective tribes. Each tribe has beautiful women that come with all the good things any man could ask for. On the other hand, they also come packed with their share of trouble. Not everyone can be perfect and it is okay not to be imperfect.

This article gives you a brief story of the Kenyan women, their qualities, and their achievements. Hope you find it interesting as it is already.



Kenyan women are very resilient. They know how to control their reaction and behavior around them. That’s not all, they can face difficulties head-on instead of falling into despair. They can come up with solutions quickly that can save a big loss from occurring. It’s hard to find a Kenyan woman wishing that life could be easy or different. They accept what life has to offer. The Kenyan women are always open, flexible, and willing to adapt to change. As the saying goes, when life throws at you lemons, make a lemonade.

They are Hardworking.

Kenyan women have grown to become very hardworking over the past recent years. Inspired by the saying, “What a man can do, a woman can do better”. It is nowadays common to see women in the construction industry, transport industry, and other job niches that were believed to best fit the male species. I guess this is due to the tough economic times. They have developed the Mamba Mentality and strive to be the best in what they put their hands on.

Creative and Innovative.

In Kenya, a trend is steadily arising where the female gender is starting to be appreciated and given top positions in the corporate sector. This is because it has been observed that when women run a big organization, what follows is that the company shoots up in terms of gross income or customer fan base. Kenyan Women who run top organizations are very tactful and are focused on achieving nothing but ultimate success. It is very rare to find a Kenyan woman running an organization that is operating at a loss. They put in their creative skills and teamwork capabilities to rank high in the market.

Kind and Generous.

Kenyan women love to empower their fellow women. They try to support each other with the little they have. They have formed Saccos that help them in terms of need. This has made them united through the years. They come through for each other, let’s say if one of them has a huge medical bill or any other type of financial strain. One of the women that have brought empowerment to her fellow women is Janet Mbugua. She is the founder of the Inua Dada Foundation that empowers women on the road to their Sexual Health. She recently bagged an award for World Association for Sexual health.


Being raised by a wonderful Kenyan mom, I got to experience unconditional love. A Kenyan woman loves her family unconditionally. I have seen how they love their families, colleagues, and friends. The love is just limited to a few individuals but all. It is believed that when a Kenyan woman is in love with you, she is going nowhere. This has however made many men take them for granted.


Man Kenyan women are very forgiving. However, if it is based on forgiving their man, chances are that the guys won’t win their trust ever again. That right, they will forgive you easily or after a long time but they will never trust you again.

Best Cooks.

I can state unapologetically that Kenyan women are the best cooks in Africa. I have been privileged to taste food from different countries but none match up to the standards of Kenyan women. They spice up their food so well that spice-scented kitchen will leave your stomach rumbling just for a taste. You can find a Kenyan woman for yourself and be the judge.

Very Understanding.

There are nothing much pleasing than finding someone that listens to all your troubles, boring long stories (just kidding), and visions better than a Kenyan woman. A Kenyan woman who can listen carefully to your problems and provide the best solutions that are very fulfilling. To add to that, they are very respectful. Both to their partners and parents. It’s rare for a Kenyan woman to show you disrespect or a negative attitude unless you give her a reason to. They respect relationships and stay faithful in their marriages no matter how bumpy the ride usually gets. This has seen many Kenyan women become great wives and great leaders.

Most Talented.

Kenyan women have diverse talents that they have shined worldwide raising high the Kenyan flag. It is noted that they are very passionate about their talents and many strive to chase their passions until they achieve ultimate success. In the competitive world, Kenyan women have shown impeccable results of what they can achieve using their talents. Some of the popular talented Kenyan women include Lupita Nyong’o (who won an Oscar award and also featured in the Black Panther movie), Victoria Kimani (a songwriter renowned all over Africa), and Vivian Cheruiyot (worldwide Olympic champion).

Very Bright.

Most Kenyan women are very bright. They are top scholars and carry very many degrees. Maybe because long ago the girl-child was not allowed to go to school to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The female gender in Kenya now outshines the male gender in primary learning as well as higher education.


Kenyan women are always trying to stand out as much as possible. They strive to be the best in what they do and empower their fellow women to create strong bonds amongst themselves. They deserve appreciation for their efforts instead of tarnishing their names on social media platforms. Cheers to all the Kenyan Women!!

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