Success is a journey, how good is your strategy?

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You have to get this right first, success is not a destination success is a Journey.

This is where your story begins, your life is already what it is. you are your own hero, your own villain, and your own nemesis. One of the most important question in life that you must find the answer for yourself is “What is Success?”

You might have been searching for job offers for too long, you may think you need to wait for luck to be successful in life, you may think you can’t succeed without grades, but success in life is much more than luck, grades, and jobs.

That is why you need your own success strategy.

As humans, our desires are countless, we want to do so many things at the same time, we want to learn French, learn python, write a book, travel, make friends, etc., but at the end, we may end up not doing anything.

That is the conflict that most people struggle with every day, the choice of what to do and the possibility of doing nothing.

This is not a joke, this is real, without a strategy or a game plan, it’s will be practically difficult to experience real success in life.

So what is Success?

Imagine you are in a music class of 20 and during the class, there is a singing competition. Then because of the excitement you have for music, you decided to put in a little work to make your music stand out. That’s excitement that inspires you to become the best is called passion and the process of singing is anchored on your effort. So Passion plus Effort produces Success. Simply put success is the end product of passion and effort.

This is your strategy guide

1. Have a direction

Don’t attempt to do everything, have a direction. Having a direction starts with a desire, what is your desire? This is your first step in the ladder of success, your desire will ensure that you maintain your lane and steer your ship towards your direction.

2. Evaluate your potentials

Know what you are good at and ensure you develop yourself around it. Everyone has a strength, find your strength and develop it. It good to work on your weakness too, but enlarge your strength first,  just develop that talent and be the best

3. Aim higher

Have goals that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Set daily, weekly and yearly goals depending on your dreams. Your goal will inspire you to keep going when your weakness tends to have a better part of you.

4. Beware of setbacks

The number one enemy of success is frustration, once you give into it you lose focus. There will always be roadblocks on your way, don’t give up, keep crawling, keep moving and you will get to your destination.

5. Enjoy the Journey

Make every moment count, because your life is your business. Live everyday as your last. Don’t postpone what you can do now till tomorrow; do what you love and at the same time, find time to have fund and enjoy yourself

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