Top Loan Apps in South Africa and FAQ

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The financial industry has simplified its disbursement of loan practice and has made it possible for eligible people to apply for and get loans as fast as possible. In this article, the top loan apps in South Africa and Frequently asked questions (FAQ) will be discussed.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, civil servants and even students can enjoy the benefits. In times of emergencies, loan apps could serve as the best alternative at the moment. Are you in South Africa and you are wondering how you could get a loan for your business or may be you need extra information about loan apps in South Africa or there is an emergency that calls for a loan, don’t worry, I will be taking you through the top loan apps in South Africa.

Top Loan Apps in South Africa

  1. 247loans

247loans is a fast loan finding site that ranks among the top loan apps in South Africa. As the name implies, it renders a round the clock loan disbursement service.

To be qualified to use the app, first, you must be 18 years and above. Secondly, you must possess a South African government issued Identity card and lastly, you should have a bank account.

Frequently asked Question

Why should I apply for 247loans?

There are 3 simple answers to this question.

  • Application is free
  • Disburses cash for anything you need and at anytime
  • It is a very quick loan payment.

It is important to add that 247loans gives loans up to the tune of R250,000.

  1. UNIFI loans

UNIFI Credits gives loans up to the tune of R8000. Its application is in minutes with instant approval and fast payout. They offer simple personal loans to formally employed persons in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their loan can be accessed through their branches on Zambia and Uganda and online in South Africa.

For more information, click here

  1. Qwiekfin loans

Qwiekfin enables you to take a personal loan to the tune of R150,000. It has a high approval rate, it is fast and has a simple application interface.

There have been frequently asked questions about what Qwiekfin loans offer. These are what the loan app offers:

  • A very competitive interest rate
  • Easy to use App
  • A fixed monthly repayments
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Variety of loan options
  1. Capfin loans

Capfin was founded in 2010 with a vision to provide customers with affordable loan products and services. They offers loans that ranges between the tune of R1000 to R50,000. To see if you are eligible for the capafin loans, you can visit their website at

  1. Nifty Credit

Nifty Credit is one of the top loan apps in South Africa that lend you up to R15,000 which you can pay for the period of 12 months.

Why use the Nifty credit app?

  • Flexible loans
  • Easy application
  • Fast disbursement
  1. Better Compare loans

Better Loans provides its users with a loan calculator that makes the process easy. It can give you a loan valued at R18,000 with a 24months repayment term and an interest rate of 24%. For this plan, the monthly payment will be R931.19.

Its loan amount ranges between R500 to R150,000. To know if you are eligible for the better compare loan, click here

Final Thoughts

There are numerous loan apps in Africa but some of the top loan apps in South Africa have been listed above. This will aid your easy access based on the information provided. But it is essential that you do a further research before signing up to any of these apps. This is because there may be  certain conditions that may not sit well with you. Also ensure that you take loans you are sure of paying back.


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