Top 20 Botswana Proverbs

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Proverbs are wisdoms passed on to us by our ancestors. They are an integral part of our custom and tradition. In some Botswana communities, an Elder is someone who knows and understand proverbs. According to a popular Botswana Proverbs “A prudent man who knows proverbs, resolved problems”

As one of Africa’s oldest continuous democracy, Botswana is the host to one of the seven natural wonders of Africa – “the Okavango Delta”. The Okavango delta is a tapestry of seasonal waterways and houses several number of plant, bird, fish and mammal species. It is estimated that over 70% of Botswana total landmark is Desert.

Botswana was known as Bechuanaland before its independence in 1966. Here are Top 20 Botswana Proverbs

Top 20 Botswana Proverbs.

1. A lion cannot hear its own roar.

2. Do not look where the harvest is plentiful, but where the people are kind

3. He who does not cultivate his field will die of hunger.

4. You can tell the ripeness of a melon by its look

5. Ninety-nine lies may help you, but the hundredth will give you away

6. Only a lion knows best its own needs and can best serve them

7. Beautiful words don’t put porridge in the pot

8. Silence has a mighty noise

9. If the enemy within cannot kill us, then the enemy without can do us no harm

10. A loving wife is often blessed with the birth of a tenth child.

11. The lice will roost on a dirty head

12. The fool is thirsty in the midst of water.

13. It is better to walk than curse the road

14. The lizard that lives high up in iroko tree does not hear the lions roar

15. A prudent man who knows proverbs, resolved problems

16. If you live in a mud hut, beware of the rain.

17. A poor cow can give birth to a fine calf

18. Flies always gathers on a wound

19. Don’t be afraid of the night, the night only induces sleep.

20. White teeth kills laughter.

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