Top 15 Powerful quotes of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

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Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is a former president of Nigeria. Born on November 20, 1957 in Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government of Bayelsa State, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s father Lawrence Ebele Jonathan was a canoe- maker and his mother, Eunice Ayi Ebele Jonathan, a retired farmer.

He became the acting President of Nigeria on February 9, 2010 following a resolution by the Nigerian Senate and was sworn in as the substantive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 6 May 2010 following President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death on 5 May,2010.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lost his re-election bid to Nigeria’s current President, Muhammadu Buhari On March 31, 2015.

Here are top 15 Power quotes of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

1. In the comfort of our offices, let us not forget that majority of our people live below the poverty line.

2. Terrorism has no conscience and spares no one.

3. Democracy is a journey that every nation mindful of advancing the liberty of its citizens must undertake.

4. In presenting myself for service, I make no pretense that I have a magic wand that will solve all of Nigeria’s problems or that I am the most intelligent Nigerian.

5. Our founding fathers did not dream of a country where neighbours and friends would exchange bullets in place of handshakes.

6. In my early days in school, I had no shoes, no school bags. I carried my books in my hands but never despaired; no car to take me to school, but I never despaired. There were days I had only one meal but I never despaired. I walked miles and crossed rivers to school every day, but I never despaired. Didn’t have power, didn’t have generators, studied with lanterns, but I never despaired. In spite of these, I finished secondary school attended the University of Port Harcourt and now hold a doctorate degree

7. We are not sworn enemies, We are neighbours who sometimes offend each other, but we can always sit down to talk over our differences.

8. We must quickly move away from partisan battlegrounds and find the national common ground.

9. Nigeria is a nation of resilient people. We will never yield to the forces of darkness. Nigeria will never ever, disintegrate.

10. The best advertisement for good governance is its positive expressions of happiness in the lives of the governed.

11. African renaissance remains an unfinished business, but the work that remains should not stop us from focusing on new priorities and challenges.

12. I was not born rich and in my youth, I never imagined that I would be where I am today, but not once did I ever give up.

13.I am happy that the black man has put the shame of dispossession behind him and is moving on.

14. Africa must declare an end to the era of self-inflicted wars and conflicts.

15. We must develop a democratic culture in which the will of the people will be treated as sacred and be immune to subversion by anti-democratic elements.

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