Top 10 Start-Up Business Ideas

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Have you been thinking of starting a business? In this article, I am going to share my top 10 Start-up Business Ideas that you can try today.

Starting up your own business could be your road map to achieving ultimate success. The biggest lesson that the Corona Virus Pandemic has taught us, is that you cannot fully rely on employment. The reason as to why this is an undebatable fact is that, as soon as the virus kicked in, top business organizations cut-off their employees sending them to early retirement. Those that were lucky enough to still secure their jobs had to deal with a painful pay-cut that took of their monthly income despite the high cost of living in the African countries

The lucky ones were those that owned the companies and the employees with different side hustles. Although the pinch was felt by everybody worldwide, the latter underwent a minimal pinch financially. As the world starts to open up bit by bit and the economy getting back on its feet, it is essential for you to get something going for yourself on the side or even as your main hustle (for those who are unemployed). We are living in uncertain times and no one knows where the world is yet to encounter. Goes without saying, It is better to be safe than sorry.

This article compiles ten start-up business ideas in the African market that will lead you to financial freedom.

Top 10 Start-Up Business Ideas Today in Africa

  1. Online Writing

This is the business for you if you are looking forward to pocketing that extra cash. The entry to the business is pretty simple and doesn’t require any legal formalities. You will only require a Laptop, Internet, and your National Identity Card. You will require to get clients which shouldn’t be a worry as websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Uvocorp, EssayPro, and Guru have come on board to provide clients that will require your services. After signing up on a specific site, you will create your profile mentioning the services you offer. Only then can you bid for jobs that best suit your capabilities. If you want to diversify your income, you can as well sign up on more than one site. You should strive to give clients work that is ‘Pure Gold’ so as to get good reviews.

  1. Consultant

This is a good start-up business idea for you, more so if you are knowledgeable in an array of topics such as business planning and human resource. You can rent out a small place, brand the name of your new company, advertise it through social media posts and posters as you wait for clients to reach out. As soon as clients start reaching out to you, create a long-term relationship with them as you grow your business. Soon afterward, you can rent a bigger place and hire workers to help around.

  1. Dropshipping

This business idea is really good especially if you are interested in eCommerce. The business is set to reach its peak in the coming years. The business is interesting since you do not need to have physical goods in your possession, once a customer visits your online store and makes an order, a third-party supplier (manufacturer) ships the goods directly to your customer. You can create your online shop at and become a drop shipper. The best at this market pockets close to US$5,000 each month.

  1. Open a Fast Food Joint

Fast food joints are very common on very many African streets. The joints are always packed with people from all walks of life since they have very convenient prices as compared to 5-star restaurants. You can grab this opportunity and start your own food joint. Just maintain hygiene and sell good food. Your business will flourish in no time. Just ensure you remain focused and save the income you get so as to expand the business.

  1. Transcription Service

If you have a passion for converting audio files into written content, then this is a gig for you to do on the side. The entry to this job is simple, you will be required to have good hearing skills, high-quality headphones/earphones, and of course, fast typing skills. You can sign up for the job at Mechanical Turk where you will be given different audio files and convert each of them to a written form. As simple as that.

  1. Car Wash

A car wash can be a really booming business as the number of cars is increasing each day. You do not necessarily have to wash the cars yourself, you can hire 2-3 people to run the business as you oversee the operations. To get a booming car wash business you will have to site for a

suitable location where there is high traffic. To thrive in this market, you will have to be time conscious. The less time you use, the more cars you will wash. You can save the income to invest in automated drive car wash machines that will bring you more customers.

  1. Uber driver

You can jump onto this opportunity and become a full-time driver. You can also register your car under Uber where you won’t be required to drive the car. The profits are calculated by Uber and you get your returns at the end of each month for an agreed period of time. If this sounds interesting, you can head over to and register to start immediately. You will have to provide your driver’s license and details about your vehicle.

  1. Event organizer.

You can make some extra cash organizing events such as weddings, musical concerts, and even tours. You will have to register your company and advertise it well to get clients. Your company should be able to provide needful equipment for the events on time and you should charge appropriately to avoid overcharging/undercharging yourself.

  1. Opening a Cyber Café.

The business is very profitable as many people do not have computers and Wi-Fi in their homes. You can rent out a place, equip it with computers and install Wi-Fi, you will be shocked how many people will crowd your space. You should however locate it around city centers where there are many people. You can also offer printing services as well as computer lessons to increase your income.

  1. Open up a Gym.

The pandemic has left people more cautious about their health. People now are more focused on keeping fit than ever. You can open up a gym around estates where people can come and work out before or after going to work. You should save to invest in good equipment to attract more clients. You can also hire personal trainers to train your customers and provide maximum value.


Starting up a business can be easy, the hardest part is remaining consistent. Challenges will always be there, you should however try to give it your all. If you have to get uncomfortable to achieve success do it. Success is not always a comfortable procedure!!

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