Top 10 Skills With Growing Demand In Tanzania

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The world doesn’t sleep even if you do. Something new happens every sunrise and before you have even gone to bed people have adapted to the new thing and are now earning money from it. You’ve heard about things and ignored them thinking that it will be so long before they get to your country. Well, the world is no longer a village it is a street and what happens in the US doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t happen in Tanzania.

Skills needed to make things happen are not always the same, they change with time and the most important thing we can do is adapt to these changes. The skills you needed to land a job in Tanzania 10 years ago are quite different from the ones you need today.

I will share with you the top 10 skills with growing demand in Tanzania. The good thing about these skills is that you can find them online for free, you only need your commitment to studying them and you could soon start earning your living from them.

An Overview of Tanzania Economy

Tanzania has experienced close to 2 decades of sustained economic growth according to the World Bank. This growth index is as a result of  sustained macroeconomic stability that has supported  growth, in addition to Tanzania’s rich natural endowments and strategic geographic position. In this article, I am going to share the top 10 skills with growing demand in Tanzania.

Tanzania is currently under the leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, The first woman president of the country who was sworn in on May 19, 2021, after the death of President John Magufuli on March 17, 2021.

Some of the Leading indicators that drives economic activities in the past months in Tanzania according include:

  • Cement production
  • Electricity generation
  • Nonfuel goods imports
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Private-sector credit
  • Goods and services exports
  • Hospitality
  • Mining activity

While there is an increase in agricultural production and the industrial sector, the tourism sector provided over 70,000 jobs directly and indirectly due to the surge in tourist activities. Because of these, there is also a surge in the hospitality sector and food sector.

Here are the top 10 Skills With Growing Demand In Tanzania

Top 10 Skills With Growing Demand In Tanzania

Practical Skills

  1. Graphic designing

The creative industry is growing super fast in Tanzania and with this growth comes the needs of people with graphic designing skills. The good thing about this is that it is not something that you go to school for and get a certificate. To earn money through graphic designing you need to show what you can do and people can pay you for your work. The entertainment industry needs graphic designers, the communications industry needs graphic designers and these are only some of the fast-growing industries which make graphic designing one of the skills with growing demand in Tanzania.

  1. Photography and Videography

The whole world has gone visual, I hope you know that by now. Now more than ever people and companies invest in what they want people to see, building their brands and influence sales n their business. In Tanzania right now you could be a photographer or videographer even without having a camera but you will never stay idle, gigs are everywhere. From events that are happening every day, festivals, weddings to private events, entertainers all these require services from photographers and videographers.

  1. Copywriting

What makes copywriting one of the skills with growing demand in Tanzania is the fact that there is so much demand for content especially for social media, this demand has created a need for creative copywriters who can write copies that grab attention and sell. Now copywriting can be a natural talent but you will have to sharpen that talent and understand the ABCs of copywriting. This is also something that you can learn for free online.

  1. Digital Marketing

When the digital era was introduced in our country a few years back it opened a whole lot of opportunities. From the traditional way of marketing to the digital way, things like search engine optimization and social media marketing became the new norm. The digital grounds do not need years of study, just like other skills mentioned here this too can be studied online.

  1. Content Writing

Bill Gates once said that content is king, he said this many years ago but this is so relevant today in the world and even in our country. People yearn for new content every day, now almost every industry requires content to send a message out there. Content creating and writing is also one among the skills with growing demand in Tanzania


Soft Skills

  1. Adaptability

How well can you adapt to changes? How is your mindset in response to changes? This is a sought skill because of the way things change sometimes with a big bang and other times without even a sound. With the practical skills that you possess ad this to the list.

  1. Creative Problem Solving

When challenges arise how creatively can you come up with solutions? This is also another skill with growing demand in Tanzania. Hiring officers look for this attribute because they do not want to micromanage you during your job. Being able to solve problems creatively at work gives you the upper hand in delivering the best results.

  1. Continuous Growth Mindset

Your ability to learn and unlearn things is crucial. As an individual, you need to be able to grow and advance in whatever you are doing. No one is looking for someone who wants to stay where they are forever because with that mindset you will not only failing as an individual but also holding the institution back.

  1. Communication Skills

Can you work in a team? How good are you at communicating with your teammates and coworkers? The demand for this skill is growing every day because disputes hold back the success of an institution and managers would not like to spend most of their precious time solving disputes.

  1. Critical Thinking

So much has been said about this skill already. I will just add that if you are working in an industry such as the creative industry you need this skill probably more than many other. You will face challenges that require you to think critically and come up with answers or solutions that add value to your work.

Being in the creative industry for a few years now I have observed the growth of the industry and it now accommodates many people with the numbers still growing. The industry has given room to so many creative individuals but these people do not just happen to be good they have acquired several skills and lessons along the way. When you get a chance to learn use it and make sure you become the best at what you do.

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