Top 10 Famous quotes of Rwanda’s first President, Grégoire Kayibanda

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Grégoire Kayibanda was Rwanda’s first President and the leader of the Rwandese revolution. Grégoire Kayibanda led revolution gave birth to the freedom of Rwanda from Belgium.

During his tenure (1962–73), he tried to manage the ethnic division in Rwanda by preaching and promoting messages of tolerance and understanding. These quotes are taken from some of his famous speeches as Rwanda’s president.

Here are Top 10 Famous quotes of Rwanda’s first President, Grégoire Kayibanda

1. If the Tutsis had won, no Hutu would be alive, except the one who would withstand the ten feudal chores

2. We have made our will known to you in our speech of 1 July 1963. Embrace democracy and become the disciples of the new Rwandan system. We want that all citizens should be brothers. We will be lenient to you, as long as you cooperate. Do not take it out on anyone if you fail to conform to the good democratic system.

3. Our constant concern is to instill a veritable spirit of brotherhood amongst all Rwandans as well as establish democracy for all Rwandan citizens. In a similar vein, we have continued to urge refugees who want to return, to do so voluntarily, but on condition that they lay down their weapons, stop quarrels, wickedness, and feudalism.

4. When we speak as the father of a family, we do not digress and that is how the father of the nation should behave in a democracy. We want brotherly ties amongst the Hutus, Twas, Tutsis and other inhabitants of Rwanda.

5. He who respects the laws of the Republic is on the right path and is a child of the nation like all others. You all, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and sundry, know that the Constitution of the Republic does not exclude any person on religious grounds.

6. Take a cursory look at the development of Rwanda and the path taken by all of Africa and acknowledge democracy, loving it, supporting it as a militant of peace and remember that recourse to war is stupidity and its perpetrator is wrong.

7. Those who are in darkness must wake up and embrace democracy, which is Africa’s objective. Those who have understood well should help others to do likewise.

8. The objective of the feudal and the Inyenzi is to set you at odds with the country that has opted for democracy.

9. We did not espouse our faith to please the whites or to accept to share. We know our needs though they are different from those of other inhabitants of this earth.

10. Don’t allow yourselves to be fooled by messages designed to do you wrong.

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