This is why we are black

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(for the black race and those who are proud of who they are)

How we share the smile
How we feel the bond
How we share the cord
How we feel as one

To my brother from Somalia
Whose amulets and chasms is felt from afar
At first sight of him
Home feels so near

The Gangan rumble I hear
Of mysteries we only can discern it speaks
By my own Nigerians giving the beat
Reminds me of South Africans vuvuzuela screech
Heights beyond Kilimanjaro we meet

See the Lisebebe leaves sprouting
Reminds us of Mama’s soup boiling
With my Kenya kindred
All rising to the clarion call of it aroma
We relish till it taste we elapse

The magnificence of our connection;
I awe at our ties!
The beauty of our history;
I’m stunned at our hands!

I saw so many hands
All of one shade
With each came one thought
The blackness that wasn’t dark

Clasp together in a circle
Formed that we may cycle
Each bearing a promise to the other
Not to stop so long we were black

When I see a black hand;
When I see a black hand;
When I see a black hand;
I know I have found home!

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