This is what you do, when you love someone

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This is what you do when you love someone, but first, let define love? I like to think that love can be defined as the ability to accept another person just the way they are. Or an act of kindness directed toward another person without expecting anything in return.

The search for the true meaning of this most important gift of humanity has been on for many centuries; with poets, philosophers, scientist leading the front to coined a definition for it. But I think we can describe it as selfless, caring, accommodating, compassionate, friendship, happiness, etc. The truth is, it means many things to different people, and we all have painted a picture of what we can describe or accept as love.

Why do we love?

People love for many reasons. In fact, the reason can span from the biblical Adam’s Story, when God said “It’s not good for man to be alone” to so many other reasons. Of course, we all need each other. No man or woman can survive alone.

The bottom line is as we get close to others, we try to know them more, understand them more, accept their flaws, celebrate their strength and make them part of our World

This is what you have to do

When you love someone
You make them your priority,
fight for them even when they don’t deserve it
And stand by them in all situations.

When you love someone
You appreciate them at their best,
Celebrate them at their worst,
And stand up to them when they are wrong.

When you love someone,
You give them the chance to fulfill their dreams,
Support them to achieve greatness
And value them above everything else.

Above everything else,

You help them see the beauty of life,
walk with them through good and bad times
and shower them with the blessing of your smiles.

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