The theme for 2020 World Cancer Day is I AM AND I WILL

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“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live”

What does the I AM and I WILL mean to you?

It is a global awareness campaign to you, to be informed about this fast killing disease in our century and take proactive measures to prevent it.

I Am and I Will means, I’m concerned about my health and well-being and that of those around me, and I will prevent further occurrence of this disease as much as I can.

I Am and I Will means, I understand that staying healthy is Key to preventing cancer, therefore;

  • I Will eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Go for regular test, checkup and examination and where possible vaccination.
  • Have a good sleep and rest
  • Maintain a high personal and environmental hygiene,
  • See a doctor immediately I notice any symptoms and see to it that my friends, loved ones, neighbors and community do same.

I Am and I Will means;

  • I will avoid risky and unhealthy lifestyle that contributes or increases my chances of getting cancer.
  • I will avoid smoking, Over consumption of Alcohol, unhealthy food and drinks, Unprotected sex, multiple sex partners and every risk factor involved.
  • I will also ensure I educate others on this too.

I Am and I Will means,

  • We believe that the global Sustainable development Goal for Health and well-being- #SDG3 can be achieved.
  • That people suffering from the condition needs more love and support and the Cancer survivors should be celebrated as they actively join in this campaign to end Cancer.

This is possible because I AM a part and I WILL always be a part
of the fight against cancer.

I am in support of the fight against cancer

I will ensure my community is educated on how to prevent cancer

I will always be a part of the fight against cancer

I am and I will!

Will you?


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