The Moon is following me

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Tonight I caught the moon following me again, interestingly, a bright shinning star decided to follow too, didn’t mother say, nights when it was all stars, meant it’d rain and the moon won’t be out? Well, tonight is quite exceptional then. It rained, the moon is out, a star is twinkling and they are following me.

Itoro is out late and I feel scared staying alone in our hut. The howling owl makes me worse. My hope is that I find him in Udo’s house, probably he forgot that tonight was his turn to set the fire for supper, Mma has sent me to call him to do the needful, and for him to prepare his head for a few hot knocks.

“Ekemini, is Itoro in your house? ” I ask Udo’s youngest sister, my crush.

“yes, he…”

“I’m here o!” Itoro suddenly exclaims, running to meet me.

“Oh good, Mma needs you in the house now, you already know why”

“Let’s go,” he replies, slightly shaking

As we journey back to our compound, I notice the sound of crickets and frogs croaking in temporarily turned ponds from stagnant rainwater has increased, I look up and ask Itoro;

“The moon has been following me again tonight”

“hahaha!” he laughed, “when will you stop this your childish mentality, its not the moon following you, it’s clouds moving”

“Whatever, maybe if you believe that the moon and even a star is following us tonight, you may escape from Mma’s hot knock waiting for you” and I walked away, giggling and staring at the sky.

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