President Isaias Afwerki and the politics of Sustainable development

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Peace plays a very vital part in sustainable development, and the journey toward finding a lasting solution to the Badme situation which started decades ago will not happen in a day, but the steps taken so far by our President, Isaias Afwerki  and Dr Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia is quite commendable

Few weeks ago, I was reminded of the many years of hostilities that existed between Eritrea and Ethiopia. As a student of history, the story of that very struggle has not only hindered sustainable development in our country but has also given us a perspective to reflect on; how diverse interest can hurt a generation of people.

My father had always believed that there were some external interest and forces that were controlling the whole hostilities, though he was not certain of their reason and didn’t survive the hostility, he was always very hopeful that Ethiopia and our Country will someday agree to work together for the interest of peace and sustainable development.

I don’t count myself lucky because I survived the conflict, I count myself lucky because I am alive to witnessed genuine prospect of peace and reconciliation which ideally should be the true state of things now that we have move from foes to friendship.

We cannot change the past, but we can create a pathway that will inspire sustainable development in both Eritrea and Ethiopia

The President interview last week  with Eri TV was very uplifting; I had to download the excerpts for references. I agree with Mr. President, I know we still have a long way to go but it’s very important that we understand and resolve the issues that caused the renewed hostility in the last 20 years.

As a believer in the Ethiopia-Eritrea peace deal, I am very certain that history will be kind to our President and Dr Abiy Ahmed for this bold step. Thank you Mr President.

“This poignant reality had come to an end,ultimately, people should say ‘Enough’. From our perspective, it is ‘Game Over’. For the people and political leaders in Ethiopia, the option is to say ‘Enough!’ as it is impossible to continue in this manner” – President Isaiah Afwerki

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