Namibia Decides: Why Many Namibians are rooting for Panduleni Itula

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“If this was a Wrestling match, the referee would have stopped it and declare Panduleni Itula the President-elect of Namibia”

I am among the top 70% of Namibians who are yearning and campaigning for change. As a lady who was at the forefront campaigning for President Hage Geingob and SWAPO in 2014, I can say without any fear that President Hage has failed not just the nation but himself.

President Hage became President on the backbone of engineering prosperity for all Namibians, but he instead plunged the country’s economy into a depression in 2018. While majority of Namibians were suffering, President Hage was touring around the World spending our collective wealth on tourism.

Vote for me. We will be agents of change. If you miss the station it will be a disaster, – Panduleni Itula “

The choice of his friend, Panduleni Itula who seems more ready and prepare to stand against him as an Independent candidate is an indication of the loss of confidence that the Majority of Namibians have on the President.

Panduleni Itula who was at the forefront of the SWAPO campaign in 2014 is coming into the campaign with experience and a new message of hope. He is connected to the grassroots, he is loved by many Namibians and for the first time in our political history, SWAPO is confused and divided.

While many SWAPO leaders for the sake of loyalty are still sticking with President Hage, some are secretly forming an alliance with Itula and there is an indication that most of them will deliver their unit for Itula on election day.

I have followed all his campaign train; I have seen the passion, the love, and his desire to bring a different kind of politics and governance to Namibia. As a man whose desire is to bring development to Namibia, Itula is the number one man who can pull Namibia out of the current economic woes.


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2 thoughts on “Namibia Decides: Why Many Namibians are rooting for Panduleni Itula”

  1. Almost the same was said about Hage by the same person. If Itula is from SWAPO how is he different from other SWAPO leaders. Probably the same words will said against Itula maybe less than five years later and what would the people do.
    The devil you know is better than the devil you dont know. You introduced us to Hage we stick to Hage he is a better devil than the Itula we do not know. SWAPO has procedures if the man turned you against the procedures you promoted then know that things can also turn sour few years leter. There is a saying in my language that says insult where you are going not where you are coming from. The same SWAPO was remembered by HH in the end for 33 years Itula had no history with SWAPO compared to a person who has been part of SWAPO the rest of his or her life. Never throw away your old blanket.

    • I understand your point, Hage has won. I supported Ituala and I had my reasons. I dont know your political orientation. I am still in SWAPO and no one can expel me


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