My Top 27 Quotes on Life, Success and Business

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As a student of life, I am always interested in helping people solve tough business questions that can help improve their life and businesses. Within the last few months, I have spent lots of time discussing with business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs, and one thing that is very common is that most of them are lost in the sea of choices.

How do we do this? can we try this or that? How can we Improve our sales and make more profits? the truth is, new era present new challenges and every advancement in technology present both a challenge and a solution to every business owner. So how do you compete in a very challenging World? that is where the question of choice comes in.

Because in order to make life better, we need to make some choices; choices most time are influenced by our state of mind, condition, relationship and the reality of the moment.

Here are My Top 27 Quotes on Life, Success and Business

1. Never underestimate the power of truly believing in someone, people can touch the sky when someone truly believes they can.

2. Everything will rise and everything will fall, change is constant

3. Don’t always trust your feelings, don’t always trust your judgment, we are all wrong sometimes

4. Go your own way, you’ll be rarely noticed in a crowd

5. Crowded rooms are the loneliest places

6. It is okay to speak openly about your challenges, no one can hear you if you don’t talk, help comes when you speak out

7. Time is a non-renewable resource, don’t waste it

8. The only person you can change is yourself

9. You cannot fix everyone, you’re merely wasting your time and taking away your joy

10. If you want to make progress on the things that matter most, you need to decide who you’re going to disappoint

11. Real trust and deep relationships cant be bought or hurried, these are built overtime through communication and compromise.

12. We are far more powerful, resilient and adaptive than we believe

13. Meditation is the surest path to understanding yourself, your feelings and your perceptions

14. Don’t force things, apply the right amount of effort but not too much

15. Your association reflects your values

16. Focus is key

17. A great team mate will always put the team ahead of self

18. You can’t be everything to everyone

19. All relationships are difficult and complex, the key to making them work is communication, patience and compromise

20. Always document the promises you make to people(Journals are amazing)

21. You’ll never get what you don’t seek

22. Don’t expect to achieve much, if you spend your life pleasing others

23. Good mental health is the most valuable thing you can have

24. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed or go backwards to move forward.

25. Forgiving and apologizing are powerful tools you need

26. Life isn’t perfect and people don’t complete packages

27. When things end, let them end.

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  1. “Don’t expect to achieve much, if you spend your life pleasing others”

    You are right, pleasing others is the reason why we fail


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