My Lines as African

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My Lines as African.

Lines that tell of my heritage
My Origin
My Identity
As a link of who I am!
As a point of where I’m from!
As a tale of what I do!
My tribe no man can contend.

Lines that tells of my beauty
As dots;
Emphasizing my gait!
As strokes;
Depicting my aura!
As marks;
Bearing the art of my clan!

My Lines as African

Lines that tell of my transition
For now I’m man
Seven lines;
Of my blood and clan!
V- shaped;
Of my strength and wit!
Pains I bear in solitude.

Pele Ife, Keke, Aba
My Yoruba Origin defined

Bor Dinka
My Sudanese lineage as a man stamped

My Benin womanhood accentuated

My Fulani beauty diversified

Lines of Heritage
Lines of Identity
Lines of Beauty
Lines of Transition
My Mark My Origin
Pains and scars
Is why I’m African!


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