How to Make Money from IQ Option for Beginner (Full Guide)

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Just like you, I was searching for how to make money online a few months ago before stumbling on IQ Option. As an enthusiast I was curious to learn more, so I started the journey on discovering how a beginner can make money from IQ Option.

The first step I took was setting up a demo account, which was pretty easy, and I achieve that within 2 minutes, the second step was searching for materials on “How to make money from IQ option‘ online. Then the third and final step was opening and funding a real account.

Before we continue, let me give you a little insight of my understanding of the whole Market.

What is IQ Option

IQ Option is a trading platform where you can trade Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and ETFs. Currently, the platform has over 80 Million registered users.

Why do People lose money on the platform

One of the question I was trying to answer before starting up my real account was “why do people lose money on the platform” because in all honesty, over 90% of traders lose money on IQ Option.

As a beginner, after testing the demo for a full day, I funded my real account to see if I can apply the strategy I was using on the demo account to make real money, because the progress i made on the demo was very good and the strategy I was using was returning almost 98.9% success rate,with just one lose out of 20 trades.

Immediately, I open the real account and started trading, I lost my first, second and third capital in one day

What went wrong?

I am going to be very blunt with you, the main reason most people lose their money on IQ Option is due to inconsistency and lack of proper money management.

1. Inconsistency

I lost my equity because I was not consistent. IQ Option just like every other binary option platforms need consistency,once you deviate from it, you cannot make meaningful progress. I will explain more on this as we go further.

2.  Lack of proper money management

Immediately after loosing my first trade, I wanted to recover the money in the second trade that I over-leverage on my second trade, same thing happen to the third trade till all the money was gone.

3. Trading Several Market at the same

While there are thousands of opportunities in the market, most traders jump from one market to another, opening many trades at the same time. This always seems to be counter productive and may confused you in the long run

How to Make Money from IQ Option

Making money from IQ Option is both easy and difficult. Easy in the sense that, many people are making cool cash daily from the platform, difficult, in the sense there is always the possibility of you losing 2 out of every 10 trades. That is while, it’s always wise to risk the amount you are willing to lose.

Here are some steps that will guide you to be successful in the market.

1. Be consistent

Consistency is key if you wish to succeed in IQ Option. As a beginner, the best thing you can ever do to help yourself is to focus on just one market, understand it first before jumping to another market. Focusing on just one market from the start will enable you to understand the market history and the market structure.

2. Apply proper Money Management

Applying proper money management includes knowing how much to risk on a single trade and how to protect your capital.

Risk only what you are willing to lose.

3. Develop a strategy

The reason most traders fail is because they know many trading strategies and may be confused on which one to use when trading with their live account. It’s good to develop a strategy, test it on demo, before going to your live account.

4. Trust Just One market When starting out

As a beginner, don’t make the silly mistakes of jumping from one market to another, focus on one, grow and understand the market before testing other markets.

Final Thoughts

General Risk Warning: Please note the financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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11 thoughts on “How to Make Money from IQ Option for Beginner (Full Guide)”

  1. Some insightful words are given in this article and it’s tough not to agree with the biggest part of them, even though some statements seemed to be quite controversial.
    For example, everything that is said about proper money management is a complete truth. There’s no point to open an account and rushing all the time, as such a pastime will barely last couple of days. Making money at the Iq option trading platform is possible, but traders have to be patient, appeal to logic and sometimes take into account patterns which they see on the chart. It sounds easy, but not as simple as folks perceive.

    • I read somewhere that the biggest enemy in trading is yourself.
      Hurry and the desire to get rich as quickly as possible can lead to serious mistakes.
      Therefore, you should control your emotions during trading.
      This is called discipline and unfortunately many people lack it.

  2. IQ Option is a popular online trading platform offering various financial assets. However, to make money from IQ Option, it’s essential to:
    1. Educate Yourself: Take the time to learn about different trading strategies and understand the basics of the markets.
    2. Develop a Trading Plan: Define your goals, risk tolerance, and strategy before executing any trades.

  3. You have to become as successful as possible in trading, this should be your main goal! Making money on any platform, wherever you are, whatever you are trading. Pretty useful article for IQ Option.

  4. It is a really good article. It shows the possibilities with the IQ option platform, highlighting that you are not limited to trading forex alone.
    Can you as a user, however, elaborate on the trading conditions for options?


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