Life is in stages, don’t be afraid of making mistakes

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Life is in Stages, don’t be afraid of making mistakes

I’m a big fan of the popular saying “Every single day is a new beginning, a chance to try again” and I’m slowly learning that you can’t fly, if you don’t have the understanding of the basics of crawling and walking.  So you need to quit rushing things and be gentle with yourself.

You need to start reminding yourself that you are good enough despite what you’ve been through. Even in your lowest day, when life seems so tough and rough, you need to remember all the good times and feed your minds with positive thoughts.

Listen. Quit blaming yourself for yesterday, you’ve made mistakes- it’s fine, don’t dwell on it.It’s bad if you allow yourself to dwell in moments of regrets when you should be empowering and inspiring people with your smiles.

You may not realize it yet, your smiles matter, your happiness is like the sun radiating seeds of kindness across the World, every second you spend without your smiles and happiness is a waste. Don’t allow anything or anyone to deny you the power of your smile and happiness, protect it, guard it and use it well.

You need to leave every destructive relationship and work on relationship that grow and bring out the best in you . Any relationship that does not add value to your life is like a time bomb waiting to explode.

Mistakes are part of life, learn from it don’t let it drown you. Always remember this:  you are good enough, and you have all ti takes to make this World a better place

Life is in Stages, don’t think about perfection, Perfection will only make you sad and distract you from your purpose just enjoy the process, make friends, smile and enjoy life while you can.

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