Is there something wrong with the black race?

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Sometimes you wonder if the European colonists and racists were right about Africans and the black race. They described Africans as an intellectually inferior race, a people who love having sex, marrying, drinking, singing and dancing, good only for activities that require physical exertion like manual labour and sports.

When you look at the state of African countries, you wonder if indeed these people were right.

Africa is a vast continent rich in natural and human resources but the picture of Africa is that of disease, war, corruption and starvation. Congo has very rich mineral deposits but Congo is only famous for civil wars and rebel unrest.

Nigeria has vast human and mineral resources but is the poverty capital of the world, her disillusioned citizens looking for any means to escape the country.

North Africans are majorly Arabs but they still face the same African issues.

The Boers struck gold in South Africa (Azania) and decided to make the place home. So, they built first world standard infrastructure and institutions for their own use. Hence you see the areas in SA that were reserved only for whites during the apartheid period are developed and are a sharp contrast from black-dominated areas.

In Cameroun, the dictator rules the country from the 16th floor of a hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, he travels to the country once or twice a year.

All around Africa you have sit-tight corrupt despots looting their country’s resources with their families and cronies.

There is a brazen abuse of power, no long term plan for the future, no plan for the future generation and no strong institutions. There is a dearth of visionary leaders, no standard infrastructure and amenities.

We can only see glimmers of hope in few countries like Rwanda who of course have a sit tight civilian dictator.

Is there something wrong with the black race?

I posed this question to a friend and he developed an alternative argument that Democracy doesn’t work for everyone. No system is watertight. And corruption doesn’t come from being in power for so long. It comes from faulty institutions. Many countries have been transformed by leaders who have been there for several years, Singapore& China are examples. It’s all about what they bring, and the system that allows their actions.

He says there’s nothing wrong with the black race, it is just a change in the times because many years ago, Africa was more developed than Europe, but empires die out, and it is mostly because of internal conflicts.

Then, came the era of fallen empires with no border powers to keep Europeans away.

So what we see today in the political structure of Africa is a result of those African leaders killed and removed in the 90s – 2000s.

He says neocolonialism is a thing, and self-hate is also a thing, and also conditioning people to think they are inferior is also a thing.

I pose this question to you: Is there something wrong with the black race?

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