If you are visiting South Africa, here are some useful tips to guide you through

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South Africa is a beautiful country filled with friendly and hospitable people who make you feel the warmth and presence of the country. South Africa also boasts incredible scenery, incomparable wildlife and picturesque location. Few places on the earth are as rich as South Africa in the diversity of scenic beauty, sights, sounds, wildlife, music and varied culture. South Africa has a renowned floral wealth and owing to such extreme beauty found in rare conditions, many people visit the country every year. South Africa is filled with different national parks which are the top tourist attractions in the country. It is estimated that there are more than twelve National Parks, the most famous being Kruger National Park.

A trip to South Africa from your current country or location can be arranged through reputed travel groups and tour companies.

If you plan to visit South Africa, here are some useful tips to help you along this beautiful journey:

  • Avoid walking or roaming around the city at night. If there is a need to go anywhere after dark, ask the hotel or guesthouse to offer assistance.
  • When visiting, try to wear less flashy clothes and jewelry. Do not carry much cash. ATM Theft is very common in South Africa, so don’t fall into a trap. Always hold a large bag rather than one slung to your shoulders.
  • When travelling by car, lock the doors of the car all time. Do not drive with the windows down. Disregard any stranger who tries to confront your vehicle at a red light traffic signal or stop street. Owing to the economic conditions of the country, theft and pickpocketing is quite common here. Being alert is just another way to remain protected.
  • If you are travelling on your own, remember that the distances between cities are large and fuel stations are quite further from each other. So ensure that the tank is always full and in good mechanical condition.
  • When travelling, take a good, updated and detailed map with you. A tour company will already have a route of travel. If you are travelling alone, plan your route ahead of time. Get the most recent city routes.
  • Always carry a cell phone wherever you go. A cell phone is the source of any help when needed. Based on your journey to the location, ask if the cell phone will have a reception. When you are visiting a wildlife reserve, chances of cell phone reception is rare. So carry the phone and don’t bother about it. Just enjoy the experience.
  • Wildlife is abundant in Africa, so when you are on a conducted tour, do not alight from your vehicle while driving. When the guide asks you to alight at designated spots, only get down then. Do not try to approach the animal too closely. Remain silent when one crosses the road while you are driving. Avoid making loud noises; enjoy observing nature at its best.

If you adhere to these tips, you will have a most memorable experience exploring South Africa.

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