How Tuface’s Rain drop inspires my Adolescent years

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I have listened to every single track of Innocent Idibia popularly known by his stage name Tuface or 2baba in the past 11 years. As a lover of music and a student of evolving African history, music means a lot to me, especially when I am in my small corner traveling to different places with my pen and paper.

One of Tuface’s songs that inspires my adolescents’ years was “Raindrop”. As a young man who was just stepping into those great discussion around relationship, love and sex, that song “Raindrop” was timely. I can still remember every single lyrics and the song has been a part of my playlist since 2012.

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Raindrop was part of Tuface fourth album “The Unstoppable International Edition”. Let me dive into the lyrics a little.

“Just like rain drops falling from my eyes
Just like tear drops falling from the sky
It is like a blessing, a blessing in disguise
That we fail to realize
Now I have to pay the price, pay the price

See, young man, be careful and think it twice
Before you choose to use, before you choose to use, to use your device
So you don’t have rain drops falling from your eyes
When you see your blessing in disguise.
Oh What a sacrifice

I wrote out these words “Think twice before using your device” on a card box and hung it inside my room. It was a great reminder to me. I can recall, few months before I started falling in love with “Raindrop” there was another Tuface’s hit song that my friend love so much.

The song came out just after my friend impregnated someone and everyone was blaming him including me. One day, I was in his compound, his senior brother was shouting at him and he just started singing one of Tuface’s song “You no holy pass my brother, some people when they see a wrong thing. They will start complaining. Until the complaining turn into shouting. Anytime they see a wrong thing. They continue shouting. Until the shouting turn into traditional shouting”

My Adolescent years was a cruise, we had a long list of great songs that connect to real life situation. Just like raindrop which had a powerful influence on me. Which song (apart from gospel songs) Inspires your adolescent years?

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