How to tap into the Concept of the Universal Fund

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Have you heard about the concept of the Universal fund? if not, you are not alone. I first come across these concept few months ago on a YouTube Channel –  Wealth, Health and Wisdom Mastery and since then I have develop a different view about life.

One of the questions that come across my mind after watching that video was  “How can we be suffering in a World full of abundance?” Although the video was on Emergency funds, the speaker took some time to explain the concept of Universal fund.

So what is Universal Fund?

It’s a simple fact of life, there is enough space and resources for everyone in this World; It is our ability to explore this space and resources that makes the different between the rich and the poor. This is the bases of the concept; it’s explore the richness of nature, availability of resources and the role of humanity in harnessing these resources for their growth.

How to tap into the Concept of the Universal Fund

1. Get the right foundation

Your foundation is very important;  this foundation include your believe, your motivation , who you are, your current location/status, your desires and your plan. You can’t grow in life if you do not have the right foundation.

N/B: Know what you want and how you want to achieve it and work towards it

2. Be Open to new Ideas

Now that you have established a firm foundation, be open to new ideas. Information is golden; so be on the constant look out for opportunities. Explore every opportunities you see, even if they don’t fit in your plan, you can share it with your family or people in your network.

3. Use your head

This is very important; the universe will present you with many opportunities but the utilization of those opportunities is dependent on your head work. We are in the era of smart work, you have to think on your feet and move at the speed of light when opportunities is presented to you

3. Choose a Mentor

Once you have define a path, it is now time to choose a mentor, your mentor can be someone you meet face-to-face or on social media without any physical meeting. Anyone you choose, be yourself and explore the opportunities of learning.

On a final note, see the video below and sure to subscribe to the channel.

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