How to Start a Pig Farming Business in Africa

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Pig farming business is one of the business that yields high rewards with minimum investment. As one of the most consumed meats in Africa, Pork meat which is made from pig is rich in many vitamins, minerals, and protein. And the business is very rewarding.

How to Start a Pig Farming Business in Africa

What is Pig Farming Business?

Simply put, pig farming is the art of raising pigs for profit. Pig are raised in pigpen and they can eat a variety of animals and plants food. However the bulk of their diet comes from soybeans and corn. To start this business, you need a land, structures (pens and water structures), staff and little capital for their feeding.

The advantage of Pig Farming Business in Africa

    1. Pork meat is a delicacy in most homes in Africa
    2.  Pig grow fast and reproduce more than most farm animal
    3. One reproductive cycle of a pig can give you up to 12 piglets
    4. You only need a small capital to start
    5. Pig food is readily available

Setting up the Pig Farming Business in Africa.

You will need the following:

1. Farmland for breeding

This is your major investment because, this is where you will build your pen system. They are generally two types of pen system; Outdoor pen system and indoor pen system. In the outdoor pen system, the pigs are allowed to graze in the open, while in an indoor pen system the pigs graze on enclosed confinement. Both system are good depending on your budget.

2. Good infrastructure

– You need a good infrastructure if you expect a good harvest. Your drainage system must be good. Creating a small drainable poll at some intervals in the farm where the pigs can swim and cool themselves will be added advantage.

3. Get Healthy Pigs

It is very important that you buy pigs with good history and traceable vaccination record. Don’t just get any Piglets. Buy only from trusted and reputable farm

4. Proper Feeding is a must

Proper feeding promotes good health and saves you a lot of money especially from veterinary service.

5. You need good staff

Pig farming need well trained professional to manage the day to day activities in the farm. Ensure you employ people with good track records or those who are willing to learn and grow in the job.

How to Manage the Pig Farm

One of the challenges that most prospective Pig farmers faced is management. This is so, because without proper management, you can run down your business without knowing. Let me share some tips that will assist you in the proper management of your pig farm.

Start Small

The wait till you get millions before pursuing your dream of starting a pig farm. You can actually start with few piglet, then expand as your business grow

Select Good breed

Selection of Pig breed is often based on consumer preference, growth rate and meat quality. Once you decides on which breed to keep in your farm, buy only from a trusted vendor to guide against disease outbreak.

Keep farm record

Farm records will help you understand the day to day running of the farm by the farm attendant and manager even if you are not around. The farm records will have details like number of piglet in the farm, number of bags of feed, etc.,

Provide Good feeding regime

The growth rate of pig is highly dependent on their feeding regime. So your pig need to eat well in order to grow fast. It is important feed your pig with balanced diet always to ensure fast growth.

Keep Good Environmental hygiene

Keeping good hygiene is important in controlling disease outbreak in the farm. This can include; regular cleaning of the pigpen, accurate disposal of waste, among others.

The 4 rule for Success

Have a passion for the business

If you don’t have passion, your business may crumble with time. Pig farming is very lucrative but it’s need patience, investment and hard-work.

Connect with customers early

Don’t wait till sells time before reaching out to customers. Reach out to your prospective customer from day one and keep them updated as your piglet grows.

Keep expanding your knowledge base

Let me keep it simple be open to new ideas. Always be on the lookout for new methods to improve your business, expand it and make more profit.

Be patience

Patience is a virtue that you must possess if you wish to succeed in any business especially agriculture. Don’t aim or think of getting all your investment on your first year. It will take time for you to recover all your investment and start making profit. So follow up the business slowly, expand when you have the funds and opportunity and celebrate every win no matter how small.



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