How to Set up a Patent Medicine Store in Africa

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If you have been searching for how to set up a Patent Medicine store in Africa, then this article was written just for you. Patent Medicine stores which are operated by Patent medicine sellers are the first point of call in most communities as they act as a source of advice, drugs and treatment for illness in most communities and rural areas in Africa. These shops are patronized by people from all segment of the community since they appear to be more accessible and affordable than most public health facilities.

In Africa, it is wrong to start a patent medicine store without getting approval from the Pharmacist council, this is very important, because the role of Patent medicine sellersĀ  centers on drugs and public health, so there is need for the council to ascertain if the prospective owner has the basic knowledge and appropriate training to operate a patent medicine store. This article will assist those who are willing and ready to contribute to the public health space via the establishment of a patent medicine store.


How to Set up a Patent Medicine Store in Africa

1. Get the basic Knowledge and Training First.

The first step in any business is to understand how the business is being run. Since you are going to be dealing with people’s health, apart from your knowledge of drugs, illness and treatment, you need to undergo some training with a Pharmacist or an experienced patent medicine store owner. This will help you to understand how to manage cases and also sharpen your communication skills.

If you already have the skills and the knowledge you can skip this step, but if you don’t have, try and look for a Pharmacist for knowledge sharing; you can arrange for a training internship in his/her store for some months or years depending on what you want.

2. Understand the Procedures for Registration

Before thinking of setting up a patent medicine store, try and find out the requirement from the Pharmacist Council and Patent Medicine dealers association in your Country. This will you assist in planning and prepare you ahead of time. Getting the procedures is very easy; you can meet any pharmacist to tell you the requirement for registration with the pharmacist council and a patent medicine store owner to tell you the procedure for registration with Patent Medicine dealers association. Once you get the procedures, develop a checklist and tick the requirements you have met and the ones you need to work on.

3. Register your Business Name

Register your business name with your Country’s Corporate affairs commission and pay the necessary registration fee.

4. Get a good location

Having a good location is good for your business; as a rule of thumb, be sure to check that:

  • There is no Pharmacy Store or Patent Medicine store close to your proposed location.
  • There is a hospital close by or It is a busy environment with a lot of people living there or business operating there. You don’t want to open a shop in isolation.

5. Apply for License and Pay Necessary fees

Look back at the registration procedures and be sure to follow them step by step. If you can have a Pharmacist as your guarantor during your registration process, he/she will be able to guide you through and help facilitate the process.

6. Get a Reliable Drug Supplier

To be a successful Patent Medicine Owner, you need a reliable supplier who will supply good drugs to your shop once you have gotten approval for all regulatory agencies.

7. Stock, Start and be sure to follow all guidelines

Once your store has been approved, It is now time to stock and start your business. The Pharmacist council conduct routine unscheduled visit to patent medicine stores and pharmacy stores to monitor and check compliance with laid down public health rules. Be sure to follow all laid down rules, ask question where applicable and contribute positively to the public health space.


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