How to Plan for an African Safari

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Are you always feeling overwhelmed about planning an African Safari? Worry no more, I am here to take away all your problems giving you the best guide ever for planning an African Safari without the feeling that you are trying too hard.

If you are always feeling that there is much to do to come up with a superb African Safari, then you are wrong. The good news is that a well-detailed plan will give you a stunning lifetime experience on that trip you have always been looking forward to. Before we continue, I want to first discourage you from booking an organized trip. This is because they have strict guidelines and timelines that will make what was supposed to be an adventure to turn into a task. That’s right, chances are you will have to follow their schedule giving you an uncomfortable feeling.

With that said, Study reports show that those who plan for their safari tend to enjoy more as compared to those that have their planning done on their behalf.

Here are six things you should follow to help you get the most out of your African Safari.

How to Plan for an African Safari

Decide Where You Want to Travel/Visit

This is the first step to planning a wonderful safari. You have to plan where you want to visit the African Continent. With over fifty countries, all with amazing tourist attractions, this could prove to be a hard task. Nonetheless, you must make a decision that you will not regret.

Therefore, before you set out for an African safari, you must first understand why you want to travel. Get to know what you are to expect visiting a certain country. Maybe you want to escape the harsh climatic condition, research and identify a location with an enchanting atmosphere. Maybe you want to experience a new culture, why not do your research and get insights on African countries with the most colorful cultures. This basic knowledge might just give you that dream experience you have been craving.

Research on Your Destination.

After picking out a destination that suits you, it’s time to research your destination. Researching about your destination can save you time and also money. You should carry out proper research on where you will want to travel in that country. You will get to learn about the best tourist attraction that is offered by that country (your destination). You will be able to know activities which you want to indulge in during your visit.

You can research more about your destination either by googling or by reading guidebooks. You may also learn about your travel destination on Pinterest. Many travel bogs have also been published that will give you in-depth knowledge such as Trip Advisor.

Take notes on your findings as well as be keen to note the comments of tourists that are usually listed down on the travel blogs. Don’t limit yourself to any activities, write down as many as you can to help you achieve a stunning experience on your African Safari.

Do not Forget Safety Basics.

Your health should always be your number one priority. If you tend to fall sick during a safari, then the experience is ruined. So this is a very crucial area that you should take keen note of before leaving for a safari.

There are some tips that you should follow that will make your safari worthwhile.

  1. Drinking only bottled water– This will save you from disease-causing germs that might cause cholera and Typhoid. Bottled water is proven to be safe.
  2. Carry your anti-malarial drugs-The the last thing you want is to fall ill with malaria on your trip. Anti-malarial drugs will prevent you from malaria especially when you are going outdoor camping.
  3. Carry a first-aid kit-This may come in handy especially when dealing with cuts and minor injuries. (Seek medical advice for serious injuries). You may also equip your kit with medicines to help you during headaches, stomach upset, dry throat, and bug bites.

Carry The Right Clothes.

This goes a long way to giving you that sassy look during your African Safari. Considering the African Safari always has that Safari nature you may want to pick your wardrobe correctly. Be keen not to carry too colorful clothes when visiting game packs as you want to blend correctly while enjoying the wildlife. While going hiking, carry boots instead of sneakers that will keep your feet comfortable and safe along the rugged mountain terrains. When it’s time to enjoy the tranquil beaches, carry light clothes since the weather is always warm. I recommend cotton clothes as they give you that cool vibe during the hot sunny day and a comfortable feeling at night.

Pack all Your Essentials.

For that extra thrill in your African safari, you may want to have all your essentials in check. By essentials I mean from toiletries, relevant shoes, sleeping bag (if necessary) and even you’re your tech dear (that is camera, tripod, laptop, power banks, torches, and charger). Chances are that these essentials are not provided in your destination. Carrying all your essentials will help you stay clean and fresh. You will also be able to snap pictures that will serve as memories for a lifetime.

Book Your Accommodations and Flights In Advance

To avoid last-minute rushes, you should be able to book your flights in advance. This will help you to plan on what to carry to the trip. This is because every airline usually has a luggage policy. This will help you from getting shocking news that you cannot bring all your luggage onto their planes. Research to know what airlines suit your demands.

Another key element is accommodation. Book your accommodation in advance to avoid reaching the hotels only to be told that they are full. Another important factor to consider while booking a hotel is the prices. Research about prices for various hotel accommodation to get a hotel that will fit into your budget.

If you feel like it’s time for an African Safari especially as the festive season is fast approaching, then it’s high time to put the above recommendations into consideration. I bet you will have tremendous results and an absolutely thrilling experience.




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