How to Marry the Moroccan way

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There is nothing like experiencing such a cultural celebration like weddings, Especially, the Moroccan ceremony. It’s one of the popular ones out there, I am here to tell you what is it like to get married the Moroccan way.

Marrying the Moroccan way is a 3-day process:
● First-day  is the “DFOU3” day
● The second day  is “the Hanna day”
● The third day is “the wedding day”

First, Let’s start with the “DFOU3” :
During the DFOU3 day, everyone will be in the house of the bride cheering, dancing and also making “Zarrat” (high pitched yodeling ululations) the groom will comes in with the” DFOU3 “behind him followed by a group of musicians
called “DAKA”, The “DFOU3” is a decorated container filled with gifts such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, and some sweets candies.

dfou3 Morroco weddings

When they are done putting down the containers, everybody start’s congratulating  the couple, the family of the bride will prepares “SSAFA”(a sweet couscous with cinnamon and almonds)

Marrying the Moroccan way


The second day : the Hanna day

The bride is wearing “Takshita” and waiting for “nakacha” (the hand artiste) to come


When the “nakacha” comes she starts drawing on the bride’s hands; there are only women allowed when the nakacha is drawing.

hand man

When the drawing is nearly done the groom comes with his family bringing “Jhaze”, this time  it’s a lot of suitcases filled with various clothes to show the bride that he can take care of her.

Moroccan way s

After he finishes the groom return back to his home to celebrate with his family and wait for the third day – the day of the wedding.


THE THIRD DAY: The Wedding

THE Groom and Bride come together holding hands; the groom is wearing “Jabadore” and the bride is wearing “Takshita” everybody’s dancing and chatting the arrival of the bride and groom “The queen and the king have arrived, everyone gathers around them and starts cheering and sprinkling rose water on them”.

The bride will mounts the “Amariya”, four men are holding her up on their shoulders dancing with her while the groom is dancing with his family and celebrating the day.

when they are done with this part, they hold hands and go to the “Minassa” a big throne, they sit on it like king and queen and the crowd will clap and cheer, then take pictures with them. After that sweets and juice will be served to show the generosity of the king.

After this part, the bride will go in and wears traditional clothing depending on her region. After wearing the traditional wear, she will get up on the “Tefor”, the groom will kiss her head as a sign of satisfaction and the bride kisses the groom hand as a sign of respect.


After this part, the bride will go back inside to change her clothes to “Takeshita” but this time when she comes back the witness must be with the groom to declare them husband and wife.

Once the witness declares them husband and wife. The groom and the bride will sit at the royal table with their parent’s for dinner while the friends, relatives and others sit at normal tables .
When the diner is done, the groom and the bride will go change clothes, the groom will wears a suit while the bride wears a long shiny white dress. The Wedding cake will be set before they come out, once they come out, they will cut the cake, the groom gives a piece to the bride and the bride also do same. After this, the dance floor will be open.

The opening of the dance floor signifies the end of the ceremony. The groom will walks the bride outside the family to a car which will take them to their home take her home. And there you have it how to get married the Moroccan way. Would you be interested in getting married like this?

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