How to Make Money Watching Videos Online

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The online space is an avenue full of immense opportunities for making extra bucks. One of such opportunity is making money by watching videos online. Are you aware that you can make money watching online videos? This article explain that and more:

How to Make Money Watching Videos Online

Is it possible to make money watching videos online? That was one of the questions I asked myself about a year ago. The answer is simple, from my experience, I will say yes and no; yes, it’s possible to make money watching videos online; no, the money might not be as big as most people claim. In this article, I am going to share some ways that will help you make extra money online watching videos.

Here are 5 different ways of making money by watching videos online.

  1. Watching Movies to subtitle them for cash

If you enjoy watching movies online, this is a good avenue for you to enjoy your favorite movies and subtitle them for cash. But you need to have the proper training. The process of subtitling movie is very simple, a video file will be provided and your job is to watch and subtitle as you watch. Some of the websites you can explore to get jobs include:,,,, etc., Of course, you can also put up your gigs at freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

  1. Watching Viral Videos

It will interest you to know that there are certain companies that will pay you to watch viral videos. One popular company that pays to watch viral videos online is Inbox dollars. Since the company was founded in the year 2000, it has paid out over $50 million dollars in cash . Inbox dollars has a plethora of videos in different segments with different price tags attached. Big companies that want you to see their videos pay Inbox dollars who in turn shares part with their audience. Before watching any of these videos, the amount you are going to make is already known. The price tags on the videos vary from cents to dollars. Once you have made $3 from watching videos on Inbox dollar, you can withdraw via PayPal,  gift cards or checks.

  1. Watching Videos for Cash on Swag bucks

Swagbucks is a popular rewards program founded in 2004. Part of the rewards it offers are linked to tasks such as filling out surveys, searching the web, shopping and of course andwatching videos. Swagbucks is rumoured to have paid out almost half a billion dollars to users and gives out 7000 gift cards daily. Rewards earned on Swagbucks are either cashed out via PayPal or converted to gift cards. 100 Swagbucks point is equivalent to 1 dollar. On an average, you can earn between $25 to $100 dollars monthly on Swagbucks

Minimum Payout: $25
Payment Method: Paypal, gift cards
Payment payout period: Approximately 72 hours

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  1. Watching Adverts

One other way of making money by watching videos online is by watching branded adverts. An app that makes this possible is WeAre8. This app pays its users for watching branded adverts. Although, questions will be asked after watching each advert. I love this app so much because the pay out point is £1. And this could be paid either into PayPal or you could order payment to charity.

  1. Streaming Videos to add to views

You can earn points watching Viral YouTube Videos via Engagedhit and in turn use the points to promote your YouTube Videos. This is a very good opportunity for YouTube channel owners to grow their audience and increase viewership.

Every youtuber virtually begs  visitors to subscribe to their channel and like their videos for the sake of increasing their views. Increased views means increased revenue. The more people get to know about your brand, the more revenue it creates for you. There are several influencers who reward their viewers for watching their videos.


Final Thoughts

You can learn and acquire skills that will earn you money by watching videos online. It is so easy because you really don’t have to pay anyone to acquire such skills. All you need is internet to be able to watch most of these video tutorials for free.

In conclusion, it is important to note that there are scams online. That is, fake companies posing to be real and claiming to pay people for watching videos online. It is therefore important for you to take due diligence in researching these companies before wasting your time. One of such ways is by reading reviews on them and checking for A ratings. You can look for reviews on Trust pilot and check A ratings via BBB.



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