How to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing in Africa

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Affiliate marketing is a cost-free business to start to earn few coins, or a huge amount of money with a well-strategized plan. Affiliate marketing in Africa has been skyrocketing over the past years and will bloom even more in the coming ones. Netizens have realized that this is a sweet moneymaking deal. Therefore, this is the perfect time to venture into this type of business for massive profits.

What are the odds? You are probably tired of the monotonous 9-5 hour job, driving through the traffic every early morning, waiting for the low paying check wears you out, you want a side hustle to earn extra cash, or you are just a self-employment activist. You prefer working at your own time, from anywhere, and still make money. Well, this is exactly the miracle you have been waiting for to rescue.

How to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing in Africa

What is affiliate marketing?

This is a program where an advertiser (the affiliate) earns a commission for marketing a brand’s or a person’s product and service. You as an affiliate earn profit for each sale a product or a service makes through the provided affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is the new real deal to making money online. It is beneficial to both the brand and the marketer since everyone is walking home with money in the bag. This business is flexible, cost-effective, earns you passive income (even while you sleep), and is performance-based, so you reap what you sow.

How do I make money?

  1. Identify the niche that works for you.

What are you passionate about, what brings out the best of you? You could be a beauty enthusiast, a workout trainer, you could be in love with pets, food, mental health, and the list is endless. You surely do not want to write about trucks when you have zero interest and no single idea about them. Therefore, identify moneymaking niche that interests you and put in the work.

  1. Create a website, a blog, a YouTube channel

To earn this money, you have to create a platform to share content and grow an audience. With your niche well known, take the next step; create a blog to start sharing your ideas. Here are several platforms to create your website;,,

If you want to be a content creator, create a YouTube channel.  Attract traffic to your website/channel through relevant content and provide the solution, what does the audience want?

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program

You already have a website to write your ideas, a YouTube channel to post your videos, now it is time to register with a program. Different affiliate programs use different payment terms that is why extensive research is key. This include: Pay per click- these redirect links from your site to the advertiser’s website. Pay per sale- you earn after the purchase is completed. Pay per lead- when the consumer subscribes, signs up, or provides their contact info on the advertiser’s website, you earn your commission.

Affiliate programme in Africa that pay


Jumia’s affiliate programme pays up to 11% commission for successful sales. This programme which was recently rebranded, as KOL is a steal sign up since people are already familiar with the brand.


Kilimall is a well-known online shopping site, they also provides affiliate program with up to 8% commission for affiliates.

Ipay Africa

This program is one of the best recurring commission affiliate programs in Africa. It is a processing merchant that allows online shops accept payment  both locally and internationally. The commission is 10%.


Make Money through affiliate marketing in Africa

This is a rental marketplace for travelers that is a first growing business in Africa. Airbnb provides affiliate program where you can sign up property owners or help travelers find a place to stay and earn a commission while at it.

  1. Incorporate the link to your content

Okay, I know this is so obvious, as the African proverb goes, “one finger can’t kill a louse”. You do not want to register in affiliate programs and not share the link provided. That would be seriously shameful. You must add the links to your content to make money. YouTubers add the link in the description box; mention the promotion codes in your videos. For the website, you add the link where it is relevant in the content. The best way to earn from affiliate programs is through product review

  1. Choose relevant products/services.

You cannot focus on every affiliate program you encounter since this will confuse your audience. Avoid irrelevant affiliate links; do not be greedy. Make your audience your priority. Choosing quality over quantity brings you a loyal audience and keeps them around. Make it personal in a way that you refer to products you relate to or you conducted research.

In Africa, there are so many well-paying affiliate programs. Therefore, be sure to do your deep exhaustive research on each product you refer to your audience. Use all the available tools you know how to for your campaign to be efficient. Various tools can help conduct market research, what people want, product demand, etc.

Be patient; invest in your website first, quality content to get traffic and high rankings. Attend webinars, seminars to gain more knowledge as well as developing yourself. Follow the steps and tips; you will be smiling your way to the bank in no time.

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