How to Make Money Selling Information Online

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As a highly profitable business model, only a few people know how to make money selling information online.

Today I’m going to share with you, in-depth insight on how to make money selling information online and how you can leverage it.

Let’s get started.

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How to Make Money Selling Information Online

What is Information?

Simply put, Information is the summarization of data processed into knowledgeable facts.

These can be facts that were provided or learned about something or someone. But today, we are concerned with facts learned about something, because that’s the kind that sells as information products.

What are Information Products?

For you to be able to make money online selling information, you need to package the information into information products.

Information products can come in different forms like books, newspapers, e-books, CDs & DVDs, online courses webinars, and audiobooks,… but to mention a few.

Depending on the contents of the information product, you can make up to $100-$1000 monthly selling information products online.

Since we are concerned with how to make money selling information online, we have to stick with the digital forms that can be accessed online like e-books, online courses, webinars, and audiobooks.

Why you should start selling information products online

Information products are consumed on a large scale in the world today. They are being sold as digital products and programs which gave room for online affiliate marketing.

You should start selling information products online because they are:

  • Easy to create: Consider this article as an information product. It was very easy to create and it took me less than an hour to craft. All I had to do was to gather details on how to make make money selling information online.
  • Cost-effective: Information products require little or no money to be spent. You can create free e-books, host free webinars, and create online courses for free.
  • Free to store: Unlike physical products, information products are digital products thus, they are easy and free to store.
  • Very mobile: It’s easy to share or deliver information products online. Say goodbye to shipping and handling costs.

How to create Information products that sell

         Pick a niche market 

A niche market is the segment of the market on which a specific product is concentrated. The niche market helps you define the product features and gives you insight on how to satisfy specific market requirements, as well as the price range and the quality of information products you should create.

           Solve a problem

Now that you have chosen a niche market, you have to solve a problem in that niche. The reason behind this is that people pay top dollar to solve a problem. In fact, solving problems is the core strength of information products.

Look at Bill Gates, Mike Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and basically every billionaire in the world. They make their billions solving problems and making life easier in particular niche markets as Zuckerberg did in social media by creating Facebook.

Keynote: You can make money selling information online only when you create an information product that highlights a familiar problem and offers a solution(s) to them. People will basically pay you to take their problems away.

            Define your target audience

For your information products to sell effectively, you need to define your target audience. Defining your audience helps you to tone your product. With the right tone, you will be able to relate to your target audience more and make a lot of sales.

Here are 3 questions that can help with that:

  • Who is likely to buy my product?
  • How badly do they want to solve this problem that I’m creating a product on?
  • How much can they pay for my product? (the niche market also tells you this)

Selling Information products online

The last thing you need to know on how to make money selling information online is how to sell your information products online. You need to get many eyes on your products for you to make a living selling information products online.

Here are 3 proven methods you can use:

  • Website traffic: You can write a blog post that features your product(s) and get free traffic. Be sure to include SEO keywords to gain a higher ranking on search results for higher traffic.
  • Social media: Tons of people are on social media. This makes it a profitable platform to sell your information products as you can gain organic traffic and generate sales for free by advertising on Facebook groups or communities of the niche market you created your product for.
  • Paid ads: This is a more expensive method you can use to sell your information products. But it’s the most effective too as you can a higher number of people and generate tons of sales. You can run paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In.


Now you have in-depth information on how to make money selling information online, don’t let it go to waste. Start selling your information products today!!


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